17 Unique Things to Do in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Not sure what to do in Lake Atitlan? Worry not. It is not surprising that Lake Atitlan is one of the best places to visit in Guatemala. A beautiful volcanic lake surrounded by traditional Mayan villages and majestic volcanoes, Lake Atitlan is an absolute paradise. Lake Atitlan spans a total of …

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15 UNIQUE Things to Do in Xela (Quetzaltenango), Guatemala

Quetzaltenango, or commonly known as Xela, is the second-largest city in Guatemala after Guatemala City. As the second-biggest city in Guatemala, Xela rarely gets any tourism. It is not the typical place travelers see when they close their eyes and imagine themselves on vacation. There are no fancy hotels, no …

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17 Best Thing to Do in Guatemala: Ultimate Bucket List

Vista Verde Hostel 1 Lanquin Guatemala

Not sure what to do in Guatemala? We are not surprised. Guatemala, one of the least-visited tourist destinations in the world, is filled with wonders from the rainforest to the mountains. As a result, many of the best things to do in Guatemala are still unknown to travelers. Honestly, if I haven’t …

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3 BEST Spanish Schools to Study in Xela (Quetzaltenango), Guatemala


Quetzaltenango, or Xela for short, is the second-largest city in Guatemala. However, you might have never heard about it. It doesn’t get the popularity that Antigua, Flores, or even Lake Atitlan gets. But this is for good reason, there is barely anything worth to do there. Yes, there are some hikes such as Tajumulco …

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Guide to Pacaya Volcano Hike: Roast Marshmallows with Volcanic Lava!


Guatemala is a country surrounded by amazing Mayan Ruins, beautiful colonial towns, and spectacular volcanoes. Though some of them could be dangerous, such as Volcano Fuego and its deadly eruption in 2018, many of them are rewarding hikes.  Hiking Volcano Pacaya is a family-friendly activity that you can do in Antigua with your kids. It is …

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2-Week Guatemala Itinerary: The PERFECT 2 Weeks in Guatemala!


Guatemala is a small country packed with many amazing things to do and places to see. However, most of these attractions are scattered throughout the country that one would require careful planning to see all the best places in Guatemala. As a result, it is important to plan your Guatemala trip, whether you …

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13 BEST Things To Do in Antigua, Guatemala (2021 Update)

Antigua Guatemala

Not sure what to do in Antigua, Guatemala? Located an hour away from the capital city of Guatemala is a color colonial town named Antigua, the ex-capital of Guatemala and a UNESCO Heritage Site since 1979. This small walkable town is dotted with some of the best things to do in …

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Is Antigua Guatemala Safe or Dangerous? (2021 UPDATE)

Antigua Guatemala Locals

If you are planning on traveling to Guatemala, the biggest concern would certainly be your safety. After all, Guatemala isn’t known to be the safest country to travel to. As of September 2020, Guatemala was ranked at level 3 by the U.S government, which says “Reconsider Travel”. However, you aren’t visiting every single tourist attraction …

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Explore Tikal Mayan Ruins: Camping & More!

Tikal mayan ruins

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tikal Ruins is one of the most spectacular, if not, the MOST spectacular Mayan ruins in all of Mesoamerica.  However, unlike other massive ruins such as Chichen Itza where you are not allowed to climb to the top, you can climb to the top of most of the Tikal …

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