Explore Hong Kong’s Tung Lung Chau: Hike, Camp & More!

Tung Lung Island Hong Kong

There are many stunning outlying islands in Hong Kong, but possibly one of the most underrated is Tung Lung Chau (or Tung Lung Island, “Chau” means island in Cantonese.) Located just a few miles off the coast of the Clearwater Bay peninsula, Tung Lung Chau attracts flocks of visitors all …

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20 BEST Indoor Activities In Hong Kong On A Rainy Day


Hong Kong summers can be extremely hot, or extremely wet, making it difficult to explore some of the outdoor gems of HK such as Tung Lung Chau or Po Toi Islands. That is why you should always plan some indoor attractions to visit in Hong Kong, just in case! Just because the weather …

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Sai Wan Pavilion: How To Get There & What To Do

Sai Wan Pavilion Sai Kung

Sai Wan Pavilion is a gateway to some of the most incredible activities in Sai Kung East Country Park. From refreshing waterfalls to idyllic beaches to prime camping locations, Sai Wan Pavilion provides visitors with so many exciting opportunities. However, getting to Sai Wan Pavilion isn’t exactly easy because it …

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Ng Tung Chai Waterfall Hike: Best Waterfall In Hong Kong

Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls Hong Kong

Planning to do the Ng Tung Chai Waterfall hike? Excellent. The Ng Tung Chai Waterfall is one of our favorites hikes in Hong Kong. It takes you through unimaginably lush greenery and a total of six swimmable waterfalls. That is why we have written this guide on Ng Tung Chai …

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17 Best Waterfalls In Hong Kong To Explore!

Best Waterfalls in Hong Kong Featured

Looking for the best waterfalls in Hong Kong? Great idea! Nestled between the towering skyscrapers, delicious dim sum, and jam-packed MTRs are Hong Kong’s unspoiled nature and remarkable waterfalls. Visiting one of these waterfalls is one of the best things to do in Hong Kong when the weather is too …

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Guide To Lion Rock Hike: Hong Kong’s Most Iconic Mountain!

Hong Kong Lion Rock Hike Featured

Situated between Kowloon Tong of Kowloon and Tai Wai of New Territories, Lion Rock is one of the most famous mountains in Hong Kong. Not only does Lion Rock provide a place for recreational activities such as hiking, but it has been a symbol of Hong Konger’s tenacious spirit. Lion …

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Explore Po Toi Island: Hike & Incredible Attractions!

Po Toi Island

If you’re hungry for adventure and outstanding natural beauty, you might be thinking of discovering Po Toi Island, Hong Kong’s most southern point. As well as being a unique island full of history and everlasting traditions, visitors flock to Hong Kong’s South Pole every weekend to admire the incredible rock …

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Violet Hill Hike & Twin Peaks Hike (Wilson Trail Section 1), Hong Kong

Violet Hill And Twin Peaks Hike In Hong Kong

Planning on doing the Violet Hill hike and/or Twin Peaks hike? Great! Located on the stunning southside of Hong Kong Island is the Wilson Trail section 1, commonly known as the Twin Peaks and Violet Hill trail.  Though the hiking trail passes two peaks (The Twins and Violet Hill), hikers …

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Discover Ma Wan: Hong Kong’s Abandoned Ghost Village

Ma Wan Featured

When visiting Hong Kong, Ma Wan Ghost Village probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind. However, for those of you seeking adventure and cool photography spots in Hong Kong, Ma Wan should not be missed! Once home to a thriving fishing village, today it remains mostly abandoned; offering an eerily cool …

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Guide To Stanley’s Rhino Rock Hike: Hong Kong’s Cool Geological Formation!

Rhino Rock Hike Hong Kong Featured

Planning to hike Rhino Rock in Hong Kong? We are here to help. Located on the southern tip of Stanley hides one of Hong Kong’s most “Instagram-famous” spots – the Rhino Rock. While Hong Kong is in no shortage of incredible geological formations (like the crazy Palm Cliff on Po Toi Island), the …

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