11 Best Things To Do In Zakopane, Poland (Summer & Winter)!

Not sure what to do in Zakopane, Poland? Worry not. Known as the winter capital of Poland, Zakopane is a winter wonderland that is also filled with things to do year-round. From the breathtaking hikes in Tatras National Park to the relaxing thermal baths in Zakopane, visitors surely won’t have …

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How Many Days In Krakow Should You Spend?

How Many Days In Krakow Featured

Not sure how many days in Krakow you should spend? With a UNESCO World Heritage historic center, access to the biggest German Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, and many other incredible things to do in Krakow, it is no easy task to decide the number of days to stay in Krakow. That …

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Where To Stay In Krakow: Best Airbnbs, Hotels & Hostels!

Where To Stay In Krakow Airbnb Featured

Not sure where to stay in Krakow? Worry not. We are here to help. As the former royal capital of Poland (before the capital became Warsaw), Krakow (or Cracow) is arguably the core of Polish heritage and culture. Over a thousand years of history can be seen in the medieval Old …

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The EPIC One Day In Warsaw Itinerary: Best Of Warsaw

One Day In Warsaw Itinerary Featured

Not sure what to do in Warsaw in one day? Worry not. As a city with an extensive history, incredible museums, beautiful UNESCO Heritage Historic center, surreal parks and vibrant nightlife,  planning your Warsaw itinerary is no easy task. There are simply too many possible things to do in Warsaw! …

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