9 Breathtaking Beach Clubs in Canggu YOU Can’t Miss!

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some of the best beach clubs in Canggu, and let me tell you – they’ve got it all. From the epic views, mouthwatering cuisine, pumping music, and an unbeatable laid-back vibe that is just so “Bali”, no visit to Bali is complete without a visit to these beach clubs.

That’s why I’ve decided to write this guide on Canggu’s best beach clubs, so you can experience the same magic and unforgettable moments that I have. I’ll break down all the ins-and-outs, the must-sees, and the pro tips for navigating them.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

What are the Best Canggu Beach Clubs?

Atlas Beach Club

Introduced to much fanfare and excitement back in 2019, Atlas Beach Club stands out as the latest and most modern entrant in the number of outstanding luxury beach clubs in Canggu.

Self-proclaimed as the largest beach club in the world, spanning 2.9 hectares, Atlas is enormous, especially when compared to other Canggu beach clubs. But it’s not always the size that matters, it’s what you do with it.

Luckily for Atlas Beach Club, its chic, up-to-date design and atmosphere are seriously top-notch, and boasting hundreds of ocean-facing day beds and cabanas, it provides an excellent view of the Indian Ocean accompanied by great music, food, and drinks.

The Nasi Goreng Jutawan is Atlas’s signature, an authentic Indonesian fried rice dish with a colossal 1.25kg of prime Wagyu MB5 Tomahawk steak served with a spicy sambal.

Food At Atlas Beach Club is incredible!

In addition to the inclusive layout and design, the beach club often holds events with international DJs playing including the legendary Martin Garrix, Alan Walker, Tyga & Disclosure.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also the newly open nightclub Atlas Super Club, also the biggest in Bali, which is the destination of Canggu Fight Night. This professional boxing event adds an exciting dimension to the venue. Definitely the one venue for everyone!

La Brisa is a chill beach club in Canggu

La Brisa is, hands-down, one of the best beach clubs in Bali, not just Canggu. Being made almost entirely out of reclaimed driftwood, it’s effortlessly chic, and is just steps above Canggu’s epic Echo Beach giving it an unbelievable location too.

La Brisa is also pretty large, with several levels allowing you to find yourself the perfect spot for you to relax. The front-row seats along the decking are probably some of the most sought-after bean bags on the entire island as they are the perfect spot the catch the sunset.

You could spend hours upon hours gazing into the vastness of the ocean, watching surfers tackle waves double their size, and people play on the volcanic sands.

I found out that La Brisa is more of a lounging around with tasty food and refreshing drinks kind of beach club, as opposed to a proper party beach club like you might find at Atlas Beach Club or FINNS.

Think of an uber-trendy, beachfront restaurant with bean bags, good music, and a swimming pool for you to wallow around in.

Credit: VUE Beach CLub

Established back in 2014, VUE Beach Club stands out as one of the more seasoned on our list. It’s a part of the (also excellent) Lv8 Resort, so if you don’t fancy leaving, you can simply ask reception if there are any rooms available for the night and crash practically within the beach club itself!

If you’re not a party animal, or you don’t like things too busy, VUE Beach Club is the perfect option in Canggu for a quiet and relaxing afternoon.

You’ll have access to one of the best infinity pools in Bali that face the beach (meaning you can get a perfect view of the sunset!), sunbeds, bean bags, and even your own private gazebo area adjoined to the pool.

There are also regular events at VUE, with the main three being Groovy Friday for an all-star selection of RnB music, Saturday Sunset which includes a delicious barbecued dinner, live Jazz, and Deep House, and finally Social Sundays where you can enjoy a selection of the best in Top 40 hits.

FINNS the beach club to go at night in Canggu

FINNS Beach Club is often regarded as one of the best beach clubs in the world, thanks to its energetic crowd, incredibly luxurious facilities, and all-around good vibes.

Like pretty much all of Bali’s beach clubs, your price of entry includes credits to use on as much food and drink as you can get, making it seem like excellent value for money, which it is, especially considering the quality of the food and freshly made cocktails.

You can get everything from fresh, wood-fired pizzas to burgers and, of course, Indonesian delicacies meaning there’s something for everyone on the menu.

Once you’re done filling up your belly, take some time to relax on one of the many daybeds that you’ll hopefully have pre-booked (FINNS is extremely busy, every day of the week), gazing out onto the beach or one of the four inviting pools with cool deep house music.

Once the sun sets, FINNS transforms into somewhat of an open-air nightclub, with the volume cranked up a notch or two, and if you’re there on event days, international DJs taking to the decks.

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The Lawn in Canggu

Just a few yards away from the entrance to Batu Bolong Beach, one of Bali’s premier surfing destinations, is The Lawn.

Opened in 2017, The Lawn has been one of the go-to places in Bali for a relaxing day at the beach, which is then usually superseded by thrilling musical-filled nights with a whole host of famous international acts including Anderson Paak, Diplo, Swae Lee, and Fisher.

The Lawn’s boho-chic beach club atmosphere is what makes this particular beach club truly special, there’s no pretentious fancy dress code and visitors are encouraged to chill out for as long as they’d like, enjoying the famous ‘Lawn’, infinity pool, and the pristine beach on its doorstep.

The brains behind The Lawn are constantly looking for ways to evolve and keep things interesting for guests, and one way is by mixing up the food-related experiences on offer. Everything from beach barbeques to showcasing the local talents through pop-ups, there’s always something tasty to pig out on at The Lawn.

World-renowned for bringing a taste of the Spanish party island of Ibiza to all corners of the globe, Café del Mar is certainly regarded as one of the best, and largest, Canggu beach clubs. With 10,000 square meters of land to play with, there’s no shortage of things to do on a day at Café del Mar.

Swim in the enormous infinity pool, encased by the bright white buildings reminiscent of a sunny San Antonio a mere 8,000 miles away, recline on the myriad of plush sun loungers soaking up the intense tropical rays, or watch one of the best sunsets anywhere on the planet from your bean bag or comfy daybed, Mojito in hand.

Things are a little more upmarket here, so whilst it’s still a relaxed beach club and fine to wear trunks and the like, it’s best to come looking prim and proper, especially for their themed nights like the famous Sunset and Sangria night where you can learn some Latin dance moves.

Café del Mar’s food is frequently mentioned as some of the best day clubs on the island, and having visited, I can wholeheartedly agree. There’s such diversity on offer, from ocean-fresh oysters to tasty grilled burgers, wood-fired pizzas, and refreshingly crisp salads that are just perfect on a baking Balinese day.

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If FINNS Beach Club and Atlas seem perhaps a bit too energetic and party-like, allow the calming COMO Beach Club to whisk you away to a tranquil, yet still atmospheric, luxury escape from the tremors of Canggu.

It’s much more of an upscale affair at COMO, with pristine gardens and a spotless infinity pool area with comfortable daybeds, whilst intriguingly, still retaining the classic Canggu beachside shack feeling.

Away from the pool area, there’s a restaurant and bar with an open kitchen where you can watch your meal being grilled, accompanied by a drink or two from the outstanding collection of barrel-aged cocktails, local wines, and spirits.

Talking about the food, fresh and regional ingredients are the stars of the show at COMO, along with a selection of international dishes and wood-fired dishes off of the grill.

The music and vibe are also more suited to a slightly older crowd and is a good beach club in Canggu for couples than others. It’s less thumping house beats and more chilled-out live acoustic sessions and relaxing DJ sets.

Our next beach club in Canggu isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill beach club that places like FINNS and Café del Mar are.

Times Beach Warung, location-wise, is the definition of a cheap beach club in Canggu, literally on the hallowed sands of Batu Bolong which of course makes it a perfect place for some chilled-out vibes with mates, either people-watching or for seeing the famous orange Balinese sun fade into the ocean.

One particular thing that caught my eye was the fact that at Times Beach Warung, there’s no minimum spend which is unheard of in terms of beach clubs.

While this isn’t strictly a luxury beach club per se, you still get an incredibly chilled atmosphere, with hundreds of bean bags, delicious food and drinks, and friendly staff plonked right on top of one of Bali’s best beaches.

It’s ideal if you’re looking for a relaxing few hours by the beach, with all the home comforts of a beach club, but without the pain of an extortionate minimum spend.

Our final beach club on the list isn’t a beach club at all, but I simply had to mention it because it’s one of the best places in Canggu (and probably the whole of Bali) for a good night out. In a supreme location, right beside the main entrance to Batu Bolong Beach is one of Canggu’s institutions, Old Man’s.

By day, Old Man’s is an excellent spot to hang out and grab some lunch with a couple of drinks before heading down onto the beach for a spot of surfing or a nice long walk. They even do excellent breakfasts too, with all dishes being 50% off if you come before 11 AM.

Once the sun has dipped beyond the ocean, things start to become a little more raucous. Old Man’s is the bar to come to of an evening, with the music becoming progressively louder and the crowd larger.

Usually, Old Man’s is packed out by 9 PM most days, and it’s where a lot of travelers come to meet other like-minded travelers and socialize over a good time. In addition to standard nights, Old Man’s also puts on regular events with international DJs including Mella Dee, Max Chapman, and Bassel Darwish.

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Canggu Beach Clubs FAQs

Do You Need to Book Bali Beach Clubs in Advance?

For the majority of the beach clubs in Canggu and Bali, you do not need to make a reservation in advance. However, reserving online will guarantee that you get the day bed that you want and you don’t get turned away due to maximum capacity. Some beach clubs also offer a discount when booking online in advance.

Can Kids Go to Beach Clubs in Bali?

Yes, children can go to beach clubs in Bali. Many beach clubs in Bali are family-friendly and cater to kids of all ages. They often feature large play areas, swimming pools, and even special activities for children.

Are Beach Clubs in Bali Worth it?

Bali beach clubs offer unique experiences that combine stunning views, cool vibes, and exciting parties. Guests can enjoy the breathtaking sunset views, designer cocktails, and the presence of superstar DJs.

How Much Do Beach Clubs Cost in Bali?

The cost of beach clubs in Bali can vary greatly depending on the location, amenities, and time of year. Many beach clubs offer free entry but require a minimum spend on food, drinks, or other services. Visitors can expect to pay anywhere from around 15 USD to several hundred USD per person.

Final Thoughts: Best Canggu Beach Clubs

As you can see, there are plenty of beach clubs in Canggu for every occasion. From the rustic charm of La Brisa to the vibrant energy of Atlas Beach Club, and the world-renowned Finns Beach Club, travelers definitely won’t be running out of options.

It is no wonder why Canggu is one of the most popular places to stay in Bali!

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