17 Best Private Pool Villas In Bali For Every Occasion

Looking for a private pool villa in Bali?

Luckily for you, there are plenty of breath-taking private pool villas in Bali. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Bali with friends, on a honeymoon, or with a family, there is a villa with a private pool in Bali just for you.

Below we have outlined our favorite pool villas in the most popular destinations in Bali: Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu. We have also included some cheap private pool villas for anyone traveling Bali on a budget and honeymoon villas for anyone wanting something more romantic!


Best Private Pool Villas in Bali

Best Private Pool Villas In Ubud, Bali

The hotels and villas in Ubud are usually located in the lush environment Ubud is known for. Rice terraces, jungle vibes, and of course, insects, a stay in Ubud will certainly make you appreciate the nature side that many tourists miss!

1. Ayuterra Resort

The Ayuterra Resort is one of the best private pool villas in Ubud, Bali. World-class amenities, elegant design, friendly staff, staying here would unquestionably be the highlight of your Bali trip.

The resort has a total of 7 private pool villas that offer different views: forest view, river view, and an open panoramic view. Though the different types of villa vary in price, even the cheapest villa in Ayuterra Resort will exceed your expectations.

Each and every single one of the villas has an infinity pool that looks into the lush landscape Ubud is known for. It is the perfect place to relax after a tiresome day exploring Ubud’s best attractions. 

Their floor-to-ceiling windows and hardwood floor design of the rooms are cozy and chic. Every morning, the sun illuminates the rooms and you will wake up to some of the most beautiful views of Bali.

Price: $$$$

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1. Private Infinity Pool With Breath-Taking Views

2. Jungle Vibes

3. Perfect Honeymoon Villa


1. Pricey

2. Located Far Away From Ubud Center

2. Kawan Antique Ubud Villa

Looking for a secluded getaway in Bali? Look no further. Kawan Antique Ubud Villa is located in an isolated part of Ubud. With only one villa in the family-owned property, guests can enjoy the utmost privacy and personal attention.

Constructed with rustic wood, the property’s vintage design is one of the most beautiful in Bali. Along with its traditional decorated bedroom, this villa in Ubud can pass as an art museum.

Nested in the finest nature in Bali, this villa with an exclusive pool in Ubud is a literal paradise for nature lovers. Come have a floating breakfast in their spacious pool and listen to nature’s music!

The only downside to staying in this hotel is its location relative to the center of Ubud. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get there on a car or scooter. 

Price: $$

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1. Very Private Villa

2. Beautiful Aesthetics

3. Idyllic Ambience

4. Affordable


1. Too Far From Ubud Center

2. Too Quiet (Could Be A Pro)

3. Motama Villa

Motama Villa is a small hotel that offers 1-bedroom private pool villas for affordable prices. Located just far enough from the busy city center of Ubud, guests can visit the main attractions of Ubud easily without staying in a noisy neighborhood.

If you don’t like to walk? Don’t worry. This resort in Ubud offers complimentary pick-up and drop-off service in the city center. When you check in to the villa, the reception will give you a service mobile. Using the service mobile, you can dial the hotel and they will come to pick you up anywhere near the Ubud center! 

The private infinity pool in each villa offers beautiful views of the rice paddies in the area. Though you don’t get jungle vibes, you are deep into nature to appreciate the serenity.

Price: $$

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1. Complimentary Pick-Up/Drop-Off Service

2. Cheap

3. Private Infinity Pool With Good Views


1. No On-Site Restaurant

4. Anusara Luxury Villa

Anusara Luxury Villa is a hotel located in the midst of some of the most gorgeous rice paddies in Ubud. Each villa features an outdoor bed and a private swimming pool in the rear. Not only are there beds outdoors, but there are also outdoor showers and bathtubs. It is one of the best honeymoon villas in Bali.

Single bedroom villas aren’t the only type of accommodations Anusura offers. They also have two-bedroom villas with an exclusive pool for families.

In complete privacy, you can admire the traditional rice paddies in Ubud. Unlike rice paddies such as the ones in Tegalalang, the rice paddies around Anusara are untouched by tourists. 

The only con of staying at Anusara Luxury Villa is its relative location to the center of Ubud. However, the resort offers transportation and tours for guests!

Price: $$-$$$$

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1. Gorgeous Swimming Pool In Every Villa

2. Outdoor Bed, Showers, and Bathtub

3. Villa Nestled In Beautiful Rice Paddies

4. Superb Privacy For Honeymooners


1. Far From Ubud Center

2. Bugs At Night

5. Origin Ubud

Offering 1-bedroom private pool villas to 3-bedroom ones, Origin Ubud has something for any number of guests. Traveling as a family and prefer the extra space? Stay in their three-bedroom villas! OR are you with your significant other and want a little more privacy? Pick the 1-bedroom villa with a private pool!

The design of this villa is what really stood out to me. Unlike other villas located in the jungle-like environment, this villa is quite the opposite. Its design is stylish, modern, and creates a very homey atmosphere. 

Staying there for a few nights would inevitably give a feeling of “home away from home”.

When I first saw this boutique hotel I was kind of turned off by its design. However, the simplicity grew on me and I started liking it more and more. It is also conveniently located within walking distance to the center of Ubud!

Price: $$$-$$$$

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1. Homey Atmosphere and Decor

2. Ideal Location Not Too Far From The Action

3. Great Private Pool


1. More Amenities Would Be Nice For The Price

Best Private Pool Villas In Canggu Bali

Canggu is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bali. Consequently, it is filled with digital nomads and influencers. Here you will find amazing beaches where you can surf, chill at beach clubs, and see some untouched (by tourists) rice paddies! 

1. Mayana Villas

Mayana Villas is one of the most impressive villas in Bali. Featuring one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and even three-bedroom villas all with private pools, Mayana Villas has a type of accommodation for anyone.

There are many winning features to their villas. The design, decor, and layout of the villas cannot be more perfect. The staff is superb and provides unparalleled attention, including scooter rentals and transportation.

If you are a cat-lover, the villa’s cat Maya might even have a sleepover at your place. ?

The one downside of the Mayana Villas is its location in Canggu. Located far from the beach and the main tourist area in Canggu, guests would have to get a taxi or a Grab.

Price: $$-$$$$

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1. Variety of Private Pool Villas

2. Amazing Staff

3. Well-Equipped Rooms

4. Cute Cat


1. Located Far From Canggu’s Best Attractions

2. Theanna Eco Villa And Spa

The clean, modern and sleek design is one of the reasons why Theanna Eco Villa and Spa is one of the top-rated villas in Bali. Each 1 of their 17 one-bedroom villas is well-designed with a simple garden and an individual swimming pool in the back.

Couples come here to relax from stress and reconnect with their loved ones. With utmost privacy in every villa, you will cherish every intimate moment with your family and loved ones.

The hotel also provides a 24-hour service within a certain distance away from the hotel so you can visit the best attractions of Canggu at ease.

Floating breakfast. Spa treatment. Massages. Private Pools. This villa has everything.

Price: $$-$$$$

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1. Free Shuttle Service

2. Beautiful Villas and Private Pool

3. Affordable

4. Delicious Floating Breakfast

5. Mosquito-Free Villas


1. None

Best Private Pool Villas In Seminyak, Bali

Seminyak is one of the most westernized areas of Bali. Here in Seminyak, you will find international restaurants, expensive bars and clubs, and trendy cafes. There won’t be a lot of local life in this area due to the prices but if you look carefully, you will find some warungs (local restaurants)!

1. Bali Prime Villas

Are you looking for a private pool villa away from the chaos of Bali? Do you want a place tucked in peacefulness and serenity? I introduce to you, Prime Bali Villas.

Located in a secluded part of Seminyak, a stay at Prime Bali Villas will rejuvenate your body and mind. With their big bathtubs and stunning private pool, guests can enjoy the Balinese sun in their own private space.

The accommodation only offers 1-bedroom private pool villas, which is perfect for couples on their honeymoon.

There is not much to do within the close vicinity of the villa resort, but the hotel offers free shuttle into the main areas of Seminyak. The hotel also offers a free shuttle from the Bali Airport (Ngurah Rai International Airport) to guarantee you a stress-free arrival!

Price: $-$$$

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1. Free Shuttle Service From/To The Airport

2. Big And Beautiful Villas and Private Pool

3. Cheap (Relatively)


1. Far From The Action

2. Lots Of Mosquitos, Especially At Night

2. Villa Bali Asri Batubelig

Villa Bali Asri Batubelig is one of the biggest villa complexes in Bali. With 1-bedroom villas to 4-bedroom villas, guests can find a suitable villa for any kind of trip. Looking for some quality family time? Go for the 2 or 3-bedroom private pool villa. In Bali for your honeymoon? Pick the 1 bedroom private pool villa with the honeymoon package.

The quantity and diversity of the villas are great, but how is the quality?

Villa Bali Asri Batubelig is one of the most impressive villas in Bali. With a private butler that cooks breakfast in your villa every morning, drives you around, and gives you the utmost attention when needed, you spend your days here like kings and queens.

The property is also situated close to Batu Belig Beach, in case you get tired of your private pool. However, if you want to travel to downtown Seminyak or Canggu, it is quite a trek. 

Price: $$-$$$$

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1. Huge Selection of Villas

2. Close to The Beach

3. Attentive Service


1. Located Far From Canggu And Seminyak Center

3. Villa Alegria

If your idea of the perfect private pool villa includes a spacious backyard garden with lounge chairs and the utmost privacy, then Villa Alegria is perfect for you.

This 1-bedroom villa in Seminyak is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon, as nothing can get more romantic than lying in the outdoor bed watching the sunset and night skies.

When you are looking for adventure, the heart of Seminyak is located a few-minute walk away. The closest beach is also located only 20 minutes away by walking, but you could also call a Grab or GoJek.

Price: $$

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1. Lush Spacious Garden

2. Romantic Outdoor Bed

3. Clean And Simple Design


1. Located Far From The Beach

Best Private Pool Villas In Kuta, Bali

To be honest, Kuta was one of my least favorite places in Bali. Filled with traffic, crazy parties, and drunk tourists, it is difficult to get a good night’s rest. However, the pros of staying in Kuta are also crazy parties and drunk people everywhere.

If you are the type of traveler that loves amazing nightlife in big clubs and bars, then you will like Kuta. For me, it was just too much.

Hence, the private pool villas in Kuta I’ve chosen are a little quieter than the typical accommodation in Kuta.

1. The Sakaye Luxury Villas & Spas

If I had to choose one private pool villa in Kuta to stay for the rest of my life, it would be The Sakaye Luxury Villas & Spas. Offering three types of private pool villas (1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom), their immaculate villas are perfect for couples and families.

Each morning you have the option to have floating breakfast in your private pool in the back, tucked away in the comfort of your charming villa.

If you are seeking the ultimate comfort on your Bali trip, then you must take advantage of their discounted spa services.

Located in the crazy Kuta, you might worry about the noise level, drunk tourists, and the amount of traffic. The main party area of Kuta (Jalan Legian) is a 20-minute walk away. You are far enough from the chaos but close enough if you want to have some fun. Supermarkets and plenty of restaurants are within close vicinity of the Sakaye Luxury Villas & Spas as well.

Price: $-$$

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1. Affordable

2. Huge Variety of Villas With Pool

3. Floating Breakfast In Your Own Pool

4. Beautiful Decor


1. Far From Touristic Areas

2. S18 Bali Villas

If you are looking for a breath-taking villa with a private pool in Kuta to relax before catching a flight at the Ngurah Rai International Airport, S18 Bali Villas is your best choice.

Their private pool villas (which comes in 1-bedroom all the way up to 3-bedroom) are so minimalist but elegant that I would want to stay forever. All of their villas are super spacious with impeccable cleanliness.

Located in a secluded part of Kuta, the S18 Bali Villas isn’t the most convenient place to stay. You pretty much have to get a taxi (or Grab or GoJeK) if you want to go anywhere. If you want a romantic getaway in Bali, then you will love its isolated location.

The hotel also has special packages for guests on their honeymoon!

Price: $$-$$$

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1. Secluded Location

2. Spacious and Minimalistic Villas

3. Incredible Private Pool In Each Villa


1. Far From Everything

Best Private Pool Villas In Bali For Honeymoon

1. The Bidadari Villas and Spa Umalas

If you are looking for a cheap private pool villa for a honeymoon in Bali, look no further. The Bidadari Villas and Spa Umalas are tucked into the secluded area of Canggu so you and your lover can enjoy an intimate experience.

Due to its secluded location, there is not much to do nearby. The attractions of Canggu are located far away and the only way to get there is by car or scooter. 

Travelers on honeymoon can also consider their special honeymoon package.

Location: Canggu

Price: $-$$

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1. Superb Privacy

2. Honeymoon Package

3. Impressive Decor


1. Far From Canggu’s Center

2. COMO Uma Ubud

If you are looking for the most luxurious private pool villa for your honeymoon getaway in Bali, you have just found the right place. COMO Uma Ubud is a 5-star villa resort offering various stunning private pool villas in Ubud.

Located in the lush region of Ubud, sit in your pool and admire at the world-renowned natural landscapes.

Don’t like just relaxing on your honeymoon? Worry not. The hotel offers various activities such as free guided walks, free yoga lessons, spa sessions, and many more! Whether you are a newly-wed couple that likes adventure or chilling, COMO Uma Ubud has something for you.

Location: Ubud

Price: $$$$$

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1. Luxurious Villas

2. Gorgeous Location

3. Free Scheduled Activities

4. Attentive Staff


1. Expensive

3. CAHAYA Skai Joglo

Honeymoon Private Villas With Pool In Bali
Best Private Pool Villas In Bali

(Images Courtesy of Airbnb)

A honeymoon doesn’t always mean luxury. If you prefer a more intimate accommodation nestled in the lush jungles of Bali, then Skai Joglo is perfect for you. This treehouse rises above the nearby vegetation, offering a unique experience with stunning views of Bali.

Using 100+ year-old wood, the antique decor is twisted with a modern touch, creating the perfect balance. Guests will inevitably fall in touch with the semi-open walls, natural textures and finishes, and the cute private pool in the rear of the treehouse that opens to a natural paradise.

Though this villa has two bedrooms, you will find the property grounds perfect for a romantic couple getaway.

Because it is situated in the prime location for nature-lovers, the villa is located a 10-minute drive into the nearby town Ubud. This might cause inconvenience for some people but it is a price you have to pay for the quality and price!

Location: Ubud

Price: $$$

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1. Unique Treehouse Villa

2. Jaw-Dropping Views

3. Rustic And Charming Decor


1. Located A Bit Too Far From Town

2. Bugs Can Be An Issue At Night

Cheap Private Pool Villas In Bali

1. Villa Tirtha Amertha Ubud

Are you looking for a cheap private pool villa in Bali? Look no further. Featuring a beautiful outdoor pool, a terrace, and a garden, Villa Tirtha Amertha Ubud is one of the best value-for-money villas in Bali. 

This 1-bedroom private pool villa in Ubud is conveniently located close to the center but far enough to give you the privacy you need. Away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud, Villa Tirtha Amertha is your haven from all the chaos. 

Guests are guaranteed to have a peaceful time in the calming garden and relaxing swimming pool. Since this property only has 1 villa, the owner of the hotel, Wayan, will attend to your daily needs. Whether you want to visit the Tegalalang Rice Terrace or one of the waterfalls in Bali, Wayan will help you out!

Location: Ubud

Price: $

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1. Very Private

2. Affordable

3. Clean And Spacious Rooms

4. Friendly Staff


1. No Restaurant On-Site

2. The Swimming Pool Could Offer Better Views

2. Zoe Private Villas Canggu Bali

Zoe Villa Canggu Bali is a simple one-bedroom private pool villa for cheap. Located in the surfer-paradise and digital nomad town of Canggu, guests can surely find many trendy cafes and exciting activities in the area.

If you prefer to relax indoors, then the private swimming pool in the back garden will send all your worries away.

The villa’s immediate vicinity has a food court, which is great if you don’t want to eat at its on-site cafe. However, the main strip of Canggu is about a 15-minute walk, which for me isn’t a huge deal because you are far away from the noise!

Price: $

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1. Affordable

2. Spacious Rooms

3. Very Private Layout of the Villa


1. Lots of Mosquitos at Night

2. No Views From Swimming Pool

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Picking the perfect private pool villa in Bali is no easy task. With so many great choices to pick from, I hope our guide has helped you out!

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