Level8 Voyageur Luggage Review: Is It Worth It?

Choosing the perfect luggage for traveling might be the hardest part of planning, especially if this is your first time. There are literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) of luggage brands out there, all offering something similar. The process of buying luggage is overwhelming.

In collaboration with Level8, I was recently able to get my hands on the Voyageur 28-inch luggage. Not going to lie, I was captivated by its sleek and modern design, which is not something a lot of luggage offer nowadays, at least not for an affordable price.

After having the Level8 Voyageur 28″ for some time, I want to show you guys whether this luggage is worth the money and whether you should consider purchasing one yourself or not!

Who is Level8?

Level8 is a luxury brand based in NYC specializing in wheeled luggage, laptop backpacks, and travel accessories. They pride themselves on making products that are the perfect balance of luxury and practicality.

The name Level8 is derived from the infinity symbol, which is the number 8 laid on its side. The brand says the name represents “endless exploration of the future and life’s unlimited possibilities”.

What is the Voyageur Luggage?


The Voyageur Luggage is one of the biggest check-in luggage suitcases offered by Level8. They come in three sizes, 28 inches, 26 inches, and 24 inches. I was lucky to get the 28-inch, the biggest of the three.

At this size, the Voyageur is perfect for long-distance trips and trips with families, especially with its separate compartments that we’ll talk about later.

Level8 offers a lifetime warranty that covers any function damage to the shell, wheels, handles, zippers, or anything else that impairs your use of the luggage. Not only does this provide you the ease of mind, but it is a quality-assurance statement from Level8.

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Best Features of The Voyageur 28″ Luggage

Let’s get to the best part of our posts – some of the best features of the Voyageur luggage!

Water-Resistant Polycarbonate Hard Shell


One of the most striking features is the outer shell of the luggage, which is made with water-resistant Makrolon polycarbonate.

This material is known to be super robust, light-weight, and impact-resistant, even at low temperatures (which is important since your luggage can get quite cold after being in the hold on a long-distance flight).

And because it is impact-resistant, you can check in your luggage confidently knowing that your things won’t be damaged while being handled by the airport staff.

Spacious With Many Separate Compartments


Perhaps the main reason for getting a big check-in suitcase is how much space it offers, and the Voyageur 28″ is no exception. With a thin outer shell and a creative telescopic handle design that optimize space, the 28″ version can hold a total of 99L!

But what the Voyageur does so well with the space is the division of it. There are multiple dividers inside the suitcase, which means you can easily separate everyone’s stuff on a family trip.


There are also many pockets to keep smaller personal items, as well as a dedicated dry bag to keep your wet clothes. This is perfect for beach vacations where there is always something wet.

Quiet 360° Shock-Resistant Wheels


One of the things I noticed first when using the Voyageur luggage was how quiet it was when rolling. It is noticeably quieter than any other rolling luggage I used before. Despite me having quite a bit of stuff in it, it was still effortless to roll, something I love about this suitcase.

Level8 claims that the luggage has an anti-shock design. But from my testing on cobblestone streets, the anti-shock design wasn’t very prevalent. I’m not sure if the anti-shock design is something for the durability of the wheels, or the comfort of the user.

Overall, it is quite easy to roll around, the 360-degree maneuverability makes it a lot more effortless than some of the other designs out there.

It’s Stylish


I’m not going to lie and say that the style of the luggage is not one of the reasons that got me hooked on the Voyageur luggage. It’s modern, minimalist, and stands out in the crowd.

The luggage currently comes in 4 colors: yellow, black, navy, and grey.

I got the yellow one because the contrast between the black body was sharp. It was almost like a fashion accessory on its own. Compared to the dull colors of old-school luggage, the Voyageur is a breath of relief, a sliver of light on a cloudy day.

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What I Didn’t Like About The Level8 Voyageur Luggage


There are many features of the Level8 Voyageur luggage that I love, but there are a few things I thought would be nice to have.

No Exterior Pocket

Perhaps the most annoying feature of the Voyageur is that there are no exterior pockets. In case you want to put something in your suitcase last minute, you would have to open up the main compartment.

If there was a way to include a small storage compartment on the exterior of the luggage without sacrificing too much of its style, that would be perfect.


The Voyageur currently retails for $300 USD (at the time of writing), which is quite a lot of money for a piece of luggage. That price is easily twice as much as something you could get from somewhere like Amazon.

While the quality and innovation are definitely something worth spending money on, many people simply might not be able to afford it.


The Voyageur 28″ is one of the heavier luggage on the market. When empty, it weighs 12.4 lbs, or about 5.6 kg. Considering that the most common single-piece luggage allowance weight is 23 kg, 5.6 kg is a substantial portion of the limit.

You might have all the space in the luggage to fit your things, but none of that matters if your luggage is too heavy and can’t get on the plane.

Final Verdict


So is the Voyageur luggage worth it? I would say so. Even though it is quite expensive, the Voyageur displays excellent functionality. Combined with the beautiful design, the Voyageur by Level8 is really a top-notch product!

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