Where to Stay in Bogota, Colombia: Best Hotels & Areas

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a giant sprawling city with many different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own flair and choosing the right neighborhood is imperative for having a good trip to Bogota.

For first time visitors, it might be difficult choosing the best place to stay in Bogota. This guide will provide you the information you need to decide on where to stay in Bogota, as well as giving you the pros and cons of staying in those neighborhoods.

We will also talk about safety in Bogota and how choosing the right area to stay in will keep you safe. 

Whether you are a traveler that wants to learn about the history of Colombia, party till the sunrise, or enjoy some top-tier Colombian cuisine, there is a neighborhood in Bogota that is right for you.

Best Places to Stay in Bogota, Colombia

Want a Quick Tip on Where to Stay in Bogota?

In a hurry to decide on where to stay in Bogota?

Our favorite neighborhood in Bogota is Chapinero!

A centrally located neighborhood known for its cool and relaxed hippie vibes, unique cafes and bars, best fine-dining establishments (Zona G), and its authentic Colombia culture, staying in Chapinero is guaranteed to enhance your experience in Bogota.

It is easily accessible, not too far from the airport and not too far from the historical center, perfect for travelers on a short trip to Bogota. The area is not dangerous but increased precautions should be exercised, especially at night.

If this is your first time in Bogota, you cannot go wrong with the Chapinero neighborhood. 

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Bogota

Map of the Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Bogota (Click for More Info!)

As you can see from the map above, Bogota is a huge city. Traveling inside the city can sometimes take up to an hour and using the TransMilenio (Bogota’s public transportation system) is confusing. That is why it is so important to select the right area to stay in Bogota.

If you want to see the historical parts of Bogota, you wouldn’t want to stay in Usaquen, the farthest neighborhood from the historical center. Likewise, if you want to have great nightlife in Bogota, you wouldn’t stay in Teusaquillo, a high-class residential neighborhood with no nightlife.

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Teusaquillo (Safe, Easily Accessible, Recommended for Families)

As one of the biggest residential areas for the middle and upper class, Teusaquillo is one of the safest neighborhoods in Bogota. And like many wealthy neighborhoods, Teusaquillo is filled with amazing green spaces such as the Simon Boliver Park, the biggest park in Bogota.

It is also home to the campus of the National University of Colombia, the convention center Corferias, and the Botanical Garden of Bogota.

Teusaquillo is also considered a great place to stay in Bogota due to its location. Centrally located in Bogota, it is easy to visit the historical district of La Candelaria or go to the airport. The Transmilenio, the most convenient public transportation system in Bogota, is within walking distance. 

Cons of Staying in Teusaquillo:

– It is not the most exciting area to stay in Bogota. With mostly residential buildings, there is barely any nightlife in the area. 

– If you are traveling solo and want to meet other travelers, Teusaquillo is not the best neighborhood in Bogota to stay in. There are few hostels in that area and the people that stay there aren’t too social. 

Best Hostel in Teusaquillo: Maite Hostel

Maite Hostel Bogota
Bogota Maite Hostel

Maite Hostel is one of the few good hostels in Teusaquillo. The rooms are spacious, which is rare for a hostel. Beds are comfy and warm which are important for the cold Bogota nights. The interior decor is cozy and the staff is very friendly, making the hostel feel like a second home. The free wifi is one of the best for a hostel!

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Best Budget Hotel in Teusaquillo: BOG Urban

BOG Urban Hotel Bogota
Bogota Hotel BOG

A spotlessly clean hotel in Teusaquillo, BOG Urban is all about meeting the customer’s needs. This boutique hotel is small enough that every customer gets the attention and help he or she needs. Whether they are questions about where to eat in the neighborhood, the best things to do in Bogota, the staff will help you. One of the best value-for-money hotels in Bogota. 

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Best Airbnb in Teusaquillo: 1-Bedroom Apartment In Salitre

Teusaquillo Airbnb

(Image Courtesy of Airbnb)

Located in the Salitre area of Teusaquillo is one of the coziest Airbnbs in Bogota. Featuring a well-lit and cozy living, a fully-equipped kitchen, and two bedrooms, a maximum of 4 guests will find the perfect home away from home.

Its location in Salitre allows guests to quickly travel to the Bogota Airport and to many sightseeing spots in Bogota. It is only a 10-minute drive to the airport!

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Best Luxury Hotel in Teusaquillo: Grand Hyatt Bogota

Grand Hyatt Bogota
Grand Hyatt Hotel Bogota

Grand Hyatt Bogota is not just a luxury hotel, it is probably one of the best 5-star hotels in Bogota. This hotel features a 28-meters swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness center, and a spa for those who want to stay in shape, de-stress, or relax. The amenities of this hotel are luxurious and it is an amazing place to stay in Bogota if you can afford it!

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La Candelaria (Cultural, Lively, Street Arts, Historical Center)

La Candelaria, the historic center of Bogota, is undoubtedly one of the most popular neighborhoods to stay in Bogota. As the oldest neighborhood in Bogota, La Candelaria is filled with museums, historic architecture, and street art.

Consequently, this area attracts many travelers from around the world who want to learn about Colombia’s culture and history.

Walk along the cobble-stoned streets and you will find yourself surrounded by old Spanish architecture. Check out Bogota’s main square, the Plaza de Bolivar.

Located in the center of La Candelaria, Plaza de Bolivar houses many important buildings, including the Palace of Justice, National Capitol, Primary Cathedral of Bogota, and more.

Staying in La Candelaria is guaranteed to give you easy access to the best attractions of Bogota. Bogota’s most famous museums such as the Gold Museum and Botero Museum are all within walking distance.

In the area, you will also find some traditional Colombia cuisine, but usually at a higher price. Check out La Puerta Falsa when you are in La Candelaria for some good authentic Colombian food! 

La Candelaria is also a good place to stay in Bogota for travelers wanting to hike up to Monserrate, the best viewpoint of Bogota.

Cons of Staying in La Candelaria:

– Safety! It is surprising how unsafe La Candelaria can be at night, especially for such a touristy neighborhood. Don’t walk alone at night on empty streets and beware of pickpockets! Take an Uber if you can, do not take a taxi! Taxis are nicknamed Millionaire’s Ride because you can get robbed on them! I recommend having travel insurance when visiting Bogota!

(Update: Uber is now banned in Colombia starting January 2020. You can still use Uber-like apps such as Beat, Cabify, or Didi for your travel needs!)

– Noise! La Candelaria is a small area. As a result, the party that is happening all night can happen just around the corner from you. Better bring some earplugs

Best Hostel in La Candelaria: Masaya Hostel Bogota

Masaya Bogota Hostel
Hostel Masaya Bogota

One of the top backpacker hostels in Bogota, Masaya hostel offers hotel-level amenities at the price of a hostel. The hostel is social but also provides plenty of areas to chill out and relax. The interior decor of this hostel is very beautiful and they also offer daily activities where you can meet friends and learn more about Colombia culture!

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Best Budget Hotel in La Candelaria: Casa Candilejas

Casa Candilejas Hotel Bogota
Casa Candilejas Bogota

Centrally located in the historic district of La Candelaria, Casa Candilejas is one of the best cheap hotels in Bogota. A huge communal area with Netflix and a pool table offer the perfect place to relax after a long day. The rooftop terrace offers amazing views of Bogota and is also the place where their included breakfast is served.

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Best Airbnb in La Candelaria: La Alegria’s Apartment w/ Terrace

La Candelaria Bogota Airbnb

(Image Courtesy of Airbnb)

As the historical district of Colombia, La Candelaria is filled with historical homes with artsy interior decor. La Alegria’s Apartment is precisely that.

This beautiful 2-bedroom apartment can comfortably allow a maximum of 3 guests to enjoy its fantastic features, such as a bathtub, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a terrace with a 360-degree view of Bogota.

The owner of this Bogota Airbnb is also the owner of two local hostels, Alegria’s and Botanico.

As a result, guests staying at this Airbnb can also enjoy the hostel’s facilities such as free breakfast, maps, tours, parties, yoga classes, salsa, kickboxing, transportation, bar, restaurant, laundry and other daily activities in the hostels.

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Best Luxury Hotel in La Candelaria: The Orchids

If you want to splurge on a luxury boutique hotel in Candelaria, this is the one. The Orchids is situated inside a well-preserved old colonial house and the decoration is nothing but perfect. It is as if you traveled back in time. Guests can enjoy the timeless decor as well as the great breakfast offered by the hotel!

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Chapinero (Best Food, Hippie Vibes, Affordable Accommodations)

If you are not sure where to stay in Bogota, my personal recommendation would be Chapinero. An area with unique cafes, hippie bars, bohemian vibes, and the biggest LGBT community, Chapinero is the “cool” neighborhood in Bogota.

Matter of fact, the LGBT community is so big that there are over 100 gay bars and clubs combined. One of them is Theatron, one of the biggest gay clubs in the world!

Home of the famous Zona G (G for Gourmet), Chapinero has some of the best food in Colombia. Whether it is fine-dining establishments or some cheap local street food, Zona G will be a heaven for you. If you are a foodie, Chapinero is the best place to stay in Bogota for you. 

There are many shopping malls in the area such as the Andino mall, Unilago mall, and Avenida Chile mall, great for travelers that want to do a little bit of shopping! The financial district is also within the Chapinero neighborhood, perfect for any travelers on a business trip in Bogota.

Cons of Staying in Chapinero:

-Though most of the areas in Chapinero are safe, some of the places can be unsafe at night. Generally speaking, the more south in Chapinero you go, the more dangerous it becomes. Chapinero is still much safer than La Candelaria.

Best Hostel in Chapinero: Republica Hostel Chapinero

The capsule-style beds at Republica Hostel are some of the most comfortable and privacy-giving beds ever. You will feel like you are in your own little space once you pull that curtain over at the end of the bed.

The ambiance is relaxed and friendly, making it a very easy place to meet new friends. This is one of the best hostels in Bogota for anyone backpacking Colombia!

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Best Budget Hotel in Chapinero: Hotel Vilar America

Hotel Vilar America Bogota
Where To Stay In Bogota Colombia 1

With an amazing location in Chapinero, your visit to Bogota will be much simpler by staying at Hotel Vilar America. Their spacious and clean rooms combined with their sleek design will make any guest fall in love. Did I mention this is a cheap hotel? Luxury and affordable are two words that don’t go together but this hotel makes it possible!

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Best Airbnb in Chapinero: Beautiful Loft w/ Garden in Zona G

Chapinero Bogota Airbnb

(Image Courtesy of Airbnb)

If your trip to Bogota is about sampling the finest restaurants in Zona G, then staying at this Chapinero Airbnb is imperative. Located in Zona G, this 1-bedroom loft’s most iconic feature is the outdoor garden.

With a belly full of delicious Colombian cuisine, relax and soak up some Colombian sun in your private garden. Its elegant design is pleasing to the eyes and offers a more cozy environment than any hotel in Bogota.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Chapinero: bs Rosales Hotel

Bogota bs Rosales Hotel
bs rosales hotel Bogota

Centrally located in Chapinero, staying at bs Rosales Hotel guarantees you an easy commute to the historic center. After a day of exploring Bogota’s best attractions, you can come back to the hotel and enjoy a sauna, a nice drink at the bar, or an invigorating workout at their gym. The hotel also offers guided tours of the attractions in Bogota, such as the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral!

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Zona Rosa/Zona T (Best Nightlife in Bogota!)

Zona Rosa, also called Zona T because of the T-shaped pedestrian streets, is the best neighborhood in Bogota for nightlife. This is the place to stay if you want to have a crazy night.

Filled with some of the best bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, Zona Rosa attracts foreigners and local Colombians that want to have a good time.

When it comes to exploring the famous nightlife of Bogota, Zona Rosa is the best place to stay in Bogota! Weekdays are a little more tamed than usual but when it comes to the weekend, it is like everyone is on steroids.

Meet local Colombians, dance till your feet hurt, and drink a little more than you should. Don’t worry and go wild, Zona Rosa is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Bogota!

Cons of Staying in Zona Rosa:

– Noise! As one of the biggest areas to party in Bogota, it is inevitable that it will be noisy! On the weekends, you will hear reggaeton until 5 AM in the morning!

– Distance from the historical center! Zona Rosa is far from the best attractions in Bogota. Most of them located in La Candelaria, it could take 25 minutes by car or an hour by public transportation to get there.

– Price! This area is more expensive than most areas in Bogota due to the restaurants, bars, and night clubs nearby! 

Best Hostel in Zona Rosa: Mad Nomad Hostel

Mad Nomad Hostel is one of the few hostels located in the pricey Zona Rosa. Equipped with a bar and nice communal areas to socialize, it is an amazing place if you are backpacking Bogota and want to meet other travelers. And after you make some friends, you can all go out to the nearby Zona Rosa and have some fun!

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Best Budget Hotel in Zona Rosa: GHL Hotel Hamilton

Bogota GHL Hotel Hamilton
GHL Hotel Hamilton Bogota

GHL Hotel Hamilton is an affordable hotel in Zona Rosa with luxurious amenities and design. The decoration in the rooms and the hallways speak 5-star hotel but you are paying the price of an average 3-star hotel.

Surrounded by some of the best bars, clubs, and restaurants, GHL Hotel Hamilton is an excellent choice for travelers wanting to experience Zona Rosa.

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Best Airbnb in Zona Rosa: Suite w/ Modern Decor & Large Windows

Zona Rosa Bogota Airbnb

(Image Courtesy of Airbnb)

If you are looking for a simple and cozy Airbnb in Zona Rosa, then this suite apartment is perfect for you. With one bedroom, a maximum of 2 guests can enjoy its sleek and modern decor, floor-to-ceiling windows, and fully equipped kitchen.

As part of a bigger residential complex, guests will also have access to the common spaces, such as outdoor swimming, a gym, and a conference room.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Zona Rosa: Cite Hotel

Bogota Cite Hotel
Cite Hotel Bogota

Cite Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Zona Rosa of Bogota. The rooms are some of the most spacious I have ever had in a hotel and their designs are sleek and modern.

My favorite part is the huge heated swimming pool on their terrace. A beautiful place to relax, watch the sunset, and suntan with an iced cold drink in your hand. If you are looking for the best hotels in Zona Rosa Bogota, consider Cite Hotel.

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Parque 93 / Chico (Relaxing, Safe, But Far From Historic Center)

Chico and Parque 93, or Park 93 in English, are the areas immediately above Zona Rosa. If you thought the accommodations in Bogota cannot get pricier than the ones in Zona Rosa, I introduce you to Parque 93 and Chico area. 

A wealthy neighborhood filled with amazing restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, and night clubs, it is not surprising that Parque 93 is one of the best places to stay in Bogota. 

Visitors can enjoy a nice stroll in the beautiful green spaces such as Parque 93 and Parque del Chico. In the afternoon, enjoy a delicious Colombian meal at one of the fine-dining establishments in the area. Then at night, visitors can visit the nearby Zona Rosa to enjoy a Colombian nightlife.

Parque 93/Chico neighborhood is one of the safest neighborhoods in Bogota, day or night.

Cons of Staying in Parque 93/Chico:

– Price! This is considered one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Bogota. As a result, the prices for accommodations will be higher than usual.

– Inconvenience! Even though Parque 93/Chico is close to Zona Rosa, it is very far from the historical center of Bogota. Expect a commute time of an hour via public transportation or 30 minutes by car.

Best Hostel in Parque 93/Chico: Selina Parque 93 Bogota

Selina Bogota Hostel
Selina Parque 93 Bogota

Selina Parque 93 is one of the best hostels in Bogota. The design, facilities, and the friendly staff will make your visit to Bogota memorable. This hostel offers luxurious private rooms so the communal areas are very well-decorated. There are daily activities for solo travelers to meet other travelers as well as a bar and restaurant to relax!

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Best Budget Hotel in Parque 93/Chico: Soy Local Parque 93

Soy Local Parque 93 Bogota
Hotel Soy Local Parque La 93

Cheap and Parque 93 are two words (or 4) that usually don’t go together but somehow Soy Local Parque 93 pulls it off! Its location in Parque 93 is one of the best and you will no doubt find yourself at ease in this hotel. The rooms are spacious with big windows that get a lot of sunlight in! Some rooms even have an outdoor terrace to relax on!

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Best Airbnb in Parque 93/Chico: Modern Studio

Chico Parque 93 Bogota Airbnb

(Image Courtesy of Airbnb)

If you are looking for something a little more intimate, consider staying in this studio Airbnb near Parque 93. Though small, this studio apartment can accommodate a maximum of 3 guests, perfect for couples or solo travelers.

Inside the small studio is everything you need for a comfortable stay, such as a TV, high-speed WiFi, working area, a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry room and a coffee machine.

If those aren’t enough, this Airbnb is located on Calle 94, giving guests easy access to some of the best eateries around.

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Best Luxury Hotel in Parque 93/Chico: Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa

Casa Dann Carlton Hotel Bogota
Luxury Hotels in Bogota

Casa Dann Carlton is one of Bogota’s best 5-star hotels. Featuring a spa that includes a sauna, a hot tub, and a massage room, you can properly relax after visiting the best attractions in Bogota.

The buffet breakfast includes international dishes that will prepare your stomach for a day of sightseeing. Travelers who want to stay in shape can also use the swimming pool and the well-equipped fitness center!

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Honorable Mention Luxury Hotel in Parque 93/Chico – Click Clack Hotel

Click Clack Hotel Bogota
Bogota Click Clack

The Latin American regional winner of Luxury Modern Hotel, Luxury Design Hotel, and Luxury Boutique Hotel at the 2017 World Luxury Hotel Awards, Click Clack Hotel is more than just a hotel to sleep in, it is a hotel that will inspire.

The quirky design of this boutique hotel in Bogota will intrigue you creatively, making you fall in love with it from the beginning to the end of your stay.

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Usaquen (Safe, Expensive, Unique Colombia Culture)

Usaquen is quite a different neighborhood than the ones we have talked about. That is because Usaquen used to be its own small town until it was incorporated in the 1950s to become part of Bogota. Signs of its uniqueness can be seen in the cobble-stoned streets, antique shops, and family-owned restaurants.

The dining establishments have some of the best international cuisines in Bogota as well as authentic Colombian dishes. When you are in Usaquen, make sure you try out Ajiaco, the most famous food in Bogota.

If you are there on a Sunday, visit the Mercado de Las Pulgas, or Flea Market in English. Located near the Usaquen Plaza, the Usaquen flea market offers anything from street food to artisan crafts. 

Cons of Staying in Usaquen:

– Poor Accessibility. As one of the neighborhoods farthest from the Bogota Airport and historic center, it will be difficult traveling outside of the area. It will take 45 minutes to get to Usaquen by car from the Bogota Airport or historic center (La Candelaria). 

– Price. Usaquen is one of the poshest neighborhoods in Bogota. Everything from food to accommodation will be a tad pricier.

Best Hostel in Usaquen: Rua Hostels Usaquen

Hostels are not easy to find in Usaquen due to how expensive the area is. Rua Hostel is one of the cheapest hostels in Usaquen that is fairly decent. The beds are comfortable and the rooms are spacious enough, perfect for relaxing after a long day.

The best thing about this hostel is the social atmosphere. Travelers from all around the world gather around and share their cultures!

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Best Budget Hotel in Usaquen: Hotel City Bog 106

Bogota Hotel City Bog Usaquen
Hotel City BOG Bogota

Clean, spacious, standard no-frills hotel in Usaquen. The modern and simplistic design is refreshing after a long day of visiting the best attractions in Bogota. This hotel is your comfortable yet affordable home to be your base in Bogota.

If you are looking for extra features like a swimming pool, jacuzzis, and other similar amenities, this hotel is not for you.

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Best Airbnb in Bogota – Loft w/Terrace & Outdoor Hot Tub

Where To Stay In Bogota Salt Cathedral
Salt Cathedral Bogota Places To Stay

(Images Courtesy of Airbnb)

If you want a homey accommodation and an incredible experience, then consider this loft Airbnb in Usaquen.

Its most iconic feature is the incredible terrace with a hot tub. After a long day of exploring Bogota, there is no better place to soothe your aching limbs than the hot tub. It also boasts incredible views of the mountains surrounding Bogota!

This 1-bedroom Airbnb can comfortably accommodate 4 guests, allowing visitors with small children to stay. When you are not relaxing in the modern living room or out on the terrace, the best of Bogota is easy to get to from this Airbnb due to its location on the main avenue. 

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Best Luxury Hotel in Usaquen: Biohotel Organic Suites

Biohotel Organic Suites Bogota
Bogota Biohotel Organic Suites

Biohotel Organic Suites is one of the best boutique hotels in Bogota. Not only does this hotel have the best amenities such as a jacuzzi, pool, buffet breakfast, and a state-of-the-art fitness center, the hotel is incredibly eco-friendly.

The organic mission of the hotel along with its sustainability efforts makes it one of the best hotels in Bogota for sustainable travelers.

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Near El Dorado Airport (Bogota Airport)

On a short layover and not sure where to stay in Bogota? I recommend staying near the El Dorado Airport, or Bogota’s international airport. Staying in that area will guarantee that you have the easiest time on the day of your flight. No more worrying about catching a taxi or Uber and getting stuck in traffic.

The areas surrounding El Dorado Airport are designed for visitors on a short stopover. Though there are not many tourist attractions in those areas, they are safe and equipped with restaurants and stores. 

Most of the accommodations near El Dorado Airport are well-equipped for people on a business trip. They also tend to be cheaper than the accommodations near the historic center of Bogota.

Cons of Staying Near El Dorado Airport (Bogota’s Airport):

– You will be far from the best things to do in Bogota. All the main attractions are near the historic district, which will be 30 minutes away by car or more than an hour by public transportation. 

– Most travelers staying in El Dorado Airport area are here for a short time. It will be difficult to meet other people and socialize. 

Best Hostel Near El Dorado Airport: Bababuy Hostel

Bababuy Hostel Bogota
Hostels Near Bogota Airport

Bababuy Hostel is a well-decorated hostel with a surprisingly amount of social atmosphere. The staff is extremely friendly and the reception is opened 24 hours, just in case something happens with your flight. The hostel is so close you can walk to the airport in 35 minutes! A great cheap hostel if you are in between flights.

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Best Budget Hotel Near El Dorado Airport: Hilton Garden Inn Bogota Airport

Hilton Garden Inn Bogota Airport Hotel
5 Star Hotel In Bogota Airport

Though the 4-star Hilton Garden Inn Hotel might be a little pricier than your average budget hotel, let me tell you why it is worth it. The hotel provides a buffet breakfast as well as a free shuttle service to the airport, both of which are costly at other hotels.

Additionally, the hotel has a spa, hot tub, sauna, and a fitness center. There is no better place to stay for a stopover than here.

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Best Airbnb Near El Dorado Airport: Cozy Studio Near Airport

Bogota Airport Airbnb

Located 10 minutes away from the El Dorado Airport, this cozy studio is the perfect place for a short stay in Bogota. The studio features one double bed and a sofa bed, allowing a maximum of 3 guests to stay comfortably.

The studio has everything you need for a cozy stay such as a fully-equipped kitchen, fast WiFi, and a TV with Netflix. When you are not relaxing in your Airbnb, the safe neighborhood features many parks. Many shopping malls are located a short distance away!

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Best Luxury Hotel Near El Dorado Airport: Hotel Habitel Prime

Bogota Hotel Habitel Prime
Hotel Habitel Prime Hotel Accommodation

The Hotel Habitel Prime is one of the best hotels in Bogota, too bad it is close to the airport and far away from Bogota’s attractions. Guests can enjoy their international breakfast buffet as well as the spa and wellness center. There are free shuttles that run daily to transport guests to El Dorado Airport!

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As you can see, there is no best place to stay in Bogota. If you have to decide on where to stay in Bogota, make sure you consider what type of traveler you are and what you want to get out of your visit to Bogota.

Any questions? Leave a comment below!

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