Best Peruvian Ceviche in Lima On A Budget: 7 Top Restaurants [2022]

Lima, the capital of Peru, is one of the most visited gastronomical destinations in the world. In fact, Peru has been the best culinary destination in the world for many years now.

Though there are plenty of incredible Peruvian dishes, Peruvian ceviche, the national dish of Peru is probably the one that has everyone drooling. Even after years of travel, ceviche is still one of our favorite dishes from around the world.

No Peru itinerary is complete without including a visit to some of the best cevicherias (ceviche specialty restaurants). Guess where are some of the best places in Peru to try authentic Peruvian ceviche? The capital of Peru, Lima.

To try this amazing Peruvian national dish, you probably think you have to spend a lot of money. However, this is far from the truth.

Peruvian ceviche does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of restaurants that allow you to try good and authentic Peruvian ceviche for cheap. But if you want to splurge on some of the best food, Lima has 2 of the top 50 restaurants in the world.

Here are 7 of the best restaurants for ceviche in Lima on a budget!

Best Restaurants For Ceviche In Lima On A Budget

1. El Cebiche De Ronald

El Cebiche de Ronald is a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that only serves ceviche.

It only has a few options on the menu but the most popular one and the one I recommend is the ceviche with just fish and chicharron de calamar. Chicharron de calamar is delicious fried calamari. For 27 soles (Less than $8 USD), you can have a ceviche with calamari that also comes with sweet potato and corn

El Cebiche de Ronald makes the ceviche fresh in front of you. Their kitchen is open-air so you can see every single step of the process.

From cooking the fish with their fresh lime to putting the final touch into the dish, you can see where your food is coming from and how it is made.

As a result, their ceviches are some of the freshest I have ever tried in Lima, and surprisingly one of the cheapest too.

In fact, El Cebiche de Ronald used to be just one restaurant but now has opened up many other stores around Lima. I definitely recommend trying the original restaurant.

  • Address: Av. Ignacio Merino 2427, Lince 15046, Peru
  • Hours: 11:30 AM – 4:30 PM Daily (Closed Tuesdays)

2. Barra Maretazo

Credit: Barra Maretazo

Barra Maretazo is a restaurant that has 23 years of experience cooking Peruvian cuisine. Without a doubt, you already know this is one of the best restaurants in Lima for Ceviche.

Located in Miraflores, one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Lima, Barra Maretazo has some amazing interior aesthetics to match its mouth-watering food.

They believe that if you are having seafood or ceviche, it should be more than just a “taste” experience.

For that reason, they have boats where you can sit and enjoy your meal. Or if you want to be even closer to the sea, they have a sand bar where you can dip your feet in the sand while you sip on a Pisco sour (the national drink of Peru) and enjoy a traditional Peruvian ceviche.

Their price for a traditional or mixed ceviche is 33 soles (10 USD), and a combo is only 36 soles (11 USD)!

  • Address: Calle Alcanfores 373, Miraflores 15074, Peru
  • Hours: 12 PM – 11 PM Daily

3. Costazul Seafood

Costazul Seafood, or Blue Coast Seafood in English, is a restaurant that uses some of the freshest ingredients to prepare its affordable dishes.

Located in the beautiful and safe neighborhood in Lima, Costazul Restaurant is a small space with big flavors and friendly services. Their menus are diverse but the waiters are more than happy to explain to you what the dishes are.

If good service in a very warm and cozy atmosphere paired with extremely good ceviche sounds like something up your alley, don’t forget to check out Coastazul Seafood.

The ceviche is also incredibly affordable at 35 soles for the traditional and 38 soles for the house specialty.

  • Address: Calle Berlin 899, Miraflores 15074, Peru
  • Hours: Sunday: 12:30 PM – 7PM | Monday: Closed | Tuesday to Saturday : 12:30 PM – 8:30 PM

4. Punto Azul

If you have ever walked around the neighborhood of Miraflores, then you have probably walked past Punto Azul. Frequently indicated by a line of people waiting, Punto Azul is definitely a restaurant that is worth the wait. If you come during off-peak hours, you might not have to wait in line.

Their ceviche is definitely one of the best I have ever had in my life. The fish is seasoned and cooked so perfectly that it melts in your mouth.

Every bite was just one step closer to heaven.

The flavor of the spices combined with the freshness of the fish was nothing like I have ever tried before. It reminded me of some of the best sushi I have had in Japan, but better. Come here and your taste buds will thank you.

Punto Azul has the traditional ceviche and the Punto Azul ceviche. Personally, I liked the traditional ceviche more than the Punto Azul one. The Punto Azul ceviche uses Aji, which is the orange sauce you see in the picture above, to make the dish a little spicier and adds a little twist to it.

A traditional or Punto Azul ceviche costs 39 soles per serving. Don’t forget to try the chicha morada (one of the oldest Peruvian drinks) here as well.

  • Address: Calle San Martin 595, Miraflores 15074, Peru
  • Hours: Sunday: 11 AM – 5 PM | Monday: 6 PM – 12 AM | Tuesday to Saturday: 11 AM – 12 AM

5. Canta Rana

Canta-Rana-Lima (1)
Credit: Canta Rana

Canta Rana is not your typical restaurant. The spaces are cramped and it could be noisy, especially during peak hours. However, that does not stop the locals and the tourists from going there.

Canta Rana has some of the best ceviches in Lima that bring tourists and locals from every part of town. The atmosphere is more local, which is amazing if you are a traveler that wants to mingle with the natives.

If you are here during a football game, expect the place to be crowded and rowdy. Peruvian are die-hard football fans and one of the best places to watch the game is at Canta Rana.

If you like to enjoy your ceviche in a more pleasant and quiet environment, you should head over to Punto Azul. It is a short 10-minute Uber ride from Canta Rana.

But if you are in the area and would like to try Canta Rana in peace and quiet, I recommend going at off-peak hours. There is usually no wait and the atmosphere is calmer.

A traditional ceviche at Canta Rana costs 40 soles.

  • Address: Genova 101, Barranco 15063, Peru
  • Hours: Sunday and Monday: 11 AM – 5 PM | Tuesday to Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM

6. Mi Barrunto

Mi Barrunto is probably the most famous restaurant for ceviche in Lima. It is a restaurant that is located a bit further away from the main tourist area. For that reason, Mi Barrunto is mostly visited by locals.

Now you must think, if this place is visited by locals, it must be cheap. That is far from the truth. Mi Barrunto is actually a quite expensive restaurant, more expensive than some of the nicer restaurants in the fancier neighborhoods such as Miraflores or Barranco.

Even with such high prices, the locals flock here. Why? The seafood and ceviche here are top-notched. The atmosphere is welcoming. Locals come here to hang out on a Saturday night, chat with friends, and enjoy some amazing food.

If you don’t believe me, just check out, Mi Barrunto’s extensive menu.

The downside is since it is such a local restaurant, the interior is not as posh as the other restaurants in Miraflores or Barranco. The restaurant is also located quite far and it is unsafe to walk in the surrounding area of the restaurant. For that reason, the only way to get there is pretty much just with an Uber.

A traditional ceviche there costs 39 soles. You must also try the chica morada (traditional Peruvian drink), it is the best one I had in my 2.5-month journey in Peru.

Make sure you visit this cevicheria on your visit to Lima!

  • Address: Jiron Sebastian Barranca 935, La Victoria 15018, Peru
  • Hours: 11 AM – 5 PM Daily

7. Delfino Mar

Credit: Delfino Mar

Last but not least, Delfino Mar is probably the fanciest of all the cevicherias on this list. Located in the neighborhood of Miraflores (a great neighborhood for ceviche), Delfino Mar is easily accessible.

The restaurant’s atmosphere itself is quite the opposite of Mi Barrunto or Canta Rana, it is peaceful and quiet. It is almost as if you were at a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City.

Here the tranquility lets you focus on your food better. Every mouthful of ceviche is an unforgettable memory that you can savor for the rest of your life. This is also a great place to take someone on a date!!

The price for a traditional ceviche at Delfino Mar is 38 soles (12 USD), and it is definitely well worth the price.

  • Address: Jorge Chavez 509, Miraflores 15074, Peru
  • Hours: 12 PM -10 PM Daily

Where To Stay In Lima To Eat Good Ceviche

The best place to stay in Lima for ceviche has to be either Miraflores or Barranco. I personally like Miraflores a little more because there are just so many cevicherias to choose from.

Other than that, the neighborhood itself, especially the cliffs by the Malecon are gorgeous. Miraflores is safe and quiet, but nightclubs and bars are also within walking distance.

There are plenty of amazing things to do in Miraflores as well!

Even if you are not here for the ceviches, Miraflores is the neighborhood you want to stay in when visiting Lima.

Here are some recommendations for specific places to stay in Lima, Peru!

Best Vacation Rental In Miraflores, Lima – Exclusive Oceanfront Penthouse

Best Ceviche Lima Peru Miraflores 1
Where To Stay In Lima For Ceviche 1

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Located adjacent to the Miraflores Malecon, guests are within walking distance from many of the best places to eat in Lima. At night, the adjacent Malecon (promenade) makes for an incredibly relaxing place to just stroll around.

This 2,600 sq-ft rental apartment has a total of three floors: the living room on the 11th floor, the three bedrooms on the 12th floor, and the terrace on the roof. Amenities include high-speed internet, two 55″ smart TVs, a barbecue and more.

Enjoy your own personal paradise on the rooftop terrace, where you can catch the glorious sunset every day. It is the perfect place to chill out and relax (ideally with a glass of wine) after exploring Lima.

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Best Hotel In Miraflores, Lima (Peru) – Apart Hotel San Martin

apart-hotel-san martin Miraflores Ceviche
apart-hotel-san-martin-Lima Peru Ceviche

Anyone looking for an accommodation with traditional hotel decor and amenities of an Airbnb mustn’t miss Apart Hotel San Martin. Featuring kitchen facilities, guests can have the convenience of making their own meals.

This Lima hotel offers a complimentary free breakfast for all their guests, perfect for a day of exploring in Lima. After an exhausting day, come back and sink into your dreamy bed and drift away!

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Have you tried Peruvian ceviche? What did you think of it?? Peruvian ceviche is the reason why I was over my budget when I was backpacking Peru!

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