9 BEST Hostels In Osaka, Japan For Every Type of Traveler!

Are you looking for the best hostels in Osaka?

Selecting the perfect hostel is no easy task. There are so many things to consider: sociability, cleanliness, security, the list goes on and on.

With so many stunning hostels in Osaka, how do you pick your perfect accommodation?

We are here to help. As hostel enthusiasts ourselves, we have used our experience to outline the 9 best hostels based on different desirability.


Comparison Of The Best Hostels In Osaka, Japan

  1. Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka – Best Overall Hostel In Osaka
  2. J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse – Best Party Hostel In Osaka
  3. Ark Hostel – Best Backpacker Hostel In Osaka
  4. Khaosan World Tennoji – Best Cheap Hostel In Osaka
  5. Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-Ship Osaka Namba – Best Capsule Hostel In Osaka
  6. IMANO OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI – Best Hostel For Digital Nomads In Osaka
  7. nine hours Shin Osaka Station – Best Hostel Near Shin Osaka Station
  8. Drop Inn Osaka – Best Hostel Near Osaka Station
  9. Osaka Hana Hostel – Honorable Mention Hostel In Osaka


Best Overall Hostel in Osaka

The winner of the overall best hostel in Osaka is Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka. This hostel has pretty much everything a traveler might be looking for when staying in a hostel: Comfort, cleanliness, security, friendly atmosphere, helpful staff, and excellent free Wi-Fi.

The wooden minimalistic decor creates a cozy atmosphere, especially in the common lounge area. It is much easier to meet someone when the ambiance is so relaxed. The staff goes out of their way to get to know you as a person and gives you guidance on exploring Osaka.

When you are not resting in your private capsule-style bed, you can get some sun on their beautiful rooftop.

This is the hostel that you will remember ten years after your stay. You will make friends that you will have your entire life. You will share stories and laughter like you have never done before.

It is no wonder why Mitsuwaya Osaka is considered one of the best hostels in Osaka.


Best Party Hostel in Osaka

Party hostels in Osaka aren’t the same as party hostels in other places such as Bali, Budapest, or Cancun. You won’t find crazy party hostels where music is blasting, booze is everywhere, and people puking in the toilet. Party hostels in Osaka are more like social hostels where guests are keener to go out and enjoy Osaka’s nightlife.

J-Hoppers Osaka Guesthouse is considerably the most social and party hostel in Osaka. Their famous Izakaya (Japanese bar) party is hosted weekly by the friendly hostel staff. It engages the guests and helps foster a social environment to meet other travelers and locals

Besides the weekly events and the social vibes, the hostel itself is very clean and comfortable. The hostel is located close to the Fukushima station, giving you easy access to the reliable public transportation of Osaka. 

The area around the hostel is filled with bars, restaurants, and convenience stores. However, it never gets too noisy so you can unquestionably get some rest if you desire!


Best Backpacker Hostel in Osaka

If you are a backpacker traveling solo in Japan, then you must consider staying at a youth hostel in Osaka. Youth hostels are a great place to meet other solo travelers and make new friends!

Technically speaking, all hostels have the ability to help you make new friends, but a backpacker hostel helps facilitate that. ARK hostel is a perfect example of that.

ARK hostel features weekly activities where guests can meet other solo travelers in Osaka. The cozy common lounge area helps facilitate social interactions between guests. The rooftop is the perfect place to relax, have a beer, and chat with other guests after a long day.

Everything in this hostel is about having an environment and opportunities to socialize.

However, unlike party hostels, a backpacker hostel allows you to chill if you want. Each bed has its own curtain so you can just shut everything out and relax after a tiresome day.


Best Cheap Hostel in Osaka

Traveling in Japan is not cheap, a short Japan trip can easily set you back a few thousand dollars. Though accommodations in Osaka tend to be expensive, there are some cheap hostels in Osaka.

My favorite cheap hostel in Osaka is Khaosan World Tennoji. Located next to the Tennoji Station, the Khaosan World is far enough to give you the peace and quiet, but close enough to the main attractions of Osaka

The traditional Japanese decor of the hostel makes the experience so much more authentic. Rather than feeling like a cold accommodation, it feels like you have stepped into a time machine and entered an old traditional Japanese house.

The free heated footbath in this cheap Osaka hostel is the perfect way to wind down after sightseeing in Osaka.

Did I mention the free breakfast in the morning?

For the affordable price you are paying, Khaosan World Tennoji hostel cannot be more perfect.


Best Capsule Hostel in Osaka

If you are looking to experience the trendy capsule-style hostels that have become so popular in the world, don’t overlook Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-Ship. They are the perfect accommodation in Osaka for travelers that prefer a little bit more privacy and space.

Once you enter your pod and shut down the curtains, it’s like you have entered your own little spaceship. Your own light switch, your own plugs, your own fan, and your own space! The facilities are super clean and the decor is very modern.

One of the most outstanding features of Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-Ship Osaka Namba is the public bathhouse. For anyone unfamiliar with them, they are similar to onsens (natural hot springs) but instead of natural water coming from the ground, it’s water from the building.

Think of it like a series of hot tubs in a big space where everyone gets together and hangs out. They are the perfect place to relax after spending a day exploring Osaka.

If you aren’t convinced yet, Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-Ship is located in one of the best places to stay in Osaka. Namba is a transportation hub and the neighborhood is filled with restaurants and grocery stores.


Best Hostel For Digital Nomads in Osaka

If you are a digital nomad or on a workation and need fast WiFi to work while you are traveling, then IMANO Osaka Shinsaibashi is perfect for you. Featuring comfortable dormitory rooms and spacious private rooms, IMANO surely has something for your needs.

The hostel bar and cafe is the perfect place to work during the day. When the night comes, you can explore the surrounding area of the hostel, Shinsaibashi. Shinsaibashi is filled with trendy bars, amazing Osaka nightlife, and it is close to the famous Dotonbori.

Work hard during the day, and party hard at night! IMANO is the perfect hostel for digital nomads in Osaka.

Best Hostels In Osaka Japan
Best Osaka hostels For Backpackers


Best Hostel Near Shin Osaka Station

One of the biggest advantages of staying near the Shin Osaka is the accessibility to the bullet trains (shinkansen) of Japan. This modern technology allows travelers to cover a large distance in a short time of time, making seemingly impossible things such as taking a day trip to Hiroshima from Osaka doable.

However, the Shin Osaka station is far away from the main attractions of Osaka, so there are sacrifices to be made if you choose to stay in a hostel near Shin Osaka.

Nine hours Shin Osaka station is one of the most recognized capsule-style hostel chains in Japan. They are known to be meticulously clean, great for travelers on a business trip, and perfect for guests that enjoy privacy and tranquility.

One thing to be aware of when staying at nine hours Shin Osaka Station is that you need to “check out” every morning and check back in after 1 PM. This is to help the staff with cleaning the rooms and capsules! 

Price: $$-$$$


Best Hostel Near Osaka Station

If you want to stay in a hostel near Osaka Station so you can take a day trip to Nara, spend a day in Kyoto, or just for general accessibility of the Kansai region, then consider Drop Inn Hostel. Conveniently located less than a 10-minute walk away from the biggest and busiest station in western Japan, Drop Inn Hostel is in an area filled with great restaurants and shops.

Besides the convenient neighborhood, the hostel itself is stellar. A cozy common area that can be sociable with the right crowd, private and spacious beds, and a simple but delicious breakfast, Drop Inn Hostel has everything a traveler would need.

I highly recommend Drop Inn Hostel for anyone that needs to stay close to Osaka Station but wants a comfortable and social hostel.


Honorable Mention Hostel in Osaka

The honorable mention hostel is a hostel that can be a hit or miss. When I stayed there, it was a miss. As a solo traveler in Japan, I wanted to meet other fellow travelers. However, there were no solo travelers but only families when I was there.

Their cozy lounge is the perfect place to have a cup of tea and chat with other fellow travelers, if there are any. On the ground floor of the hostel is a sake bar that has the potential to create an amazing social atmosphere. The cleanliness, staff, security, and amenities of the hostel are fantastic.

Another big plus of staying at the Osaka Hana hostel is the location. Located in the Shinsaibashi neighborhood, you are in the middle of the best sights of Osaka. If you can’t meet any travelers in the hostel, at least you can entertain yourself in the surrounding neighborhood.

How To Pick The Perfect Hostel In Osaka?

There is an overwhelming number of hostels in Osaka, and not all of them are good. To minimize the chance that you end up staying in a subpar hostel, there are certain things you might want to look for.

How Good Is The Wi-Fi?

As more and more travelers work remotely, the quality of Wi-Fi is becoming a very important deciding factor when it comes to hostel. Luckily, the internet speed in Osaka is generally very good, but you’ll need to make sure the range of the Wi-Fi is good in your hostel. Otherwise, you might not get any!

Do They Have Events?

It is hard to gauge whether a hostel is social or not. Sometimes hostels can claim they are social, but might not be due to the crowd. One thing that always gets the guests excited to socialize is events. If your hostel has events, you can expect it to be fairly social.

Is It Located Near A Subway Station?

The most convenient way to get around Osaka is through the Osaka metro system. It connects you to the majority of the sights in Osaka and can seriously save you some time if you are near one. However, on the other hand, if you are far from one, that could mean you need to spend lots of money on Uber or lots of time walking to one.

Osaka Hostels FAQs

What Is The Best Hostel In Osaka?

There are many great hostels in Osaka, but the best one is generally considered to be Imano Osaka Shinsaibashi.

What Are The Hostels Like In Osaka?

There are plenty of variety when it comes to hostels in Osaka. You can have very modern ones that are tailored to business travelers, with their capsules and clean facilites. You can have backpacker hostels situated in old Japanese homes that are perfect for socializing and meeting other travelers. Whatever your taste it, you’ll find something

Picking the perfect hostel in Osaka is no easy task. I hope this post has at least given you insights into which hostel suits you best!

Any question? Leave a comment!

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