Is Antigua Guatemala Safe or Dangerous? [2022 UPDATE]

If you are planning on traveling to Guatemala, the biggest concern would certainly be your safety. After all, Guatemala isn’t known to be one of the safest countries in Central America to travel to.

As of October 2022, Guatemala was ranked at level 3 by the U.S Department of State in terms of safety, which says “Reconsider Travel”.

However, this is a warning for the entirety of Guatemala, and you might just want to visit Antigua. So does that warning still hold true in Antigua? With so many amazing things to do in Antigua, you don’t want to ruin your trip by being a victim of a crime.

That is why we have written this post to discuss our experience when it comes to safety in Antigua Guatemala.  

How Is The Safety In Antigua, Guatemala?

Is Antigua Guatemala safe or dangerous? The short answer? Yes. In general, Antigua Guatemala is very safe but precautions should still be exercised.

Antigua is one of the safest cities in all of Guatemala.

I am sure you have heard of terrors when it comes to safety in Guatemala, but that usually pertains to the capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City. (That is why the first thing you do when you get to Guatemala is going from the Guatemala Airport to Antigua!)

Many travelers tend to relate Antigua’s safety with Guatemala City’s safety because they are only an hour apart from each other. However, this cannot be more wrong.

Guatemala City is notorious for being dangerous without much to see. Armed robberies, thefts, and people on motorbikes snatching your phone are not uncommon.

In fact, when we traveled to Antigua, we met lots of locals that chose to come all the way from Guatemala City to Antigua to party because it is just that much safer. Here in Antigua, the ex-capital of Guatemala, you will find a bigger police presence, more beautiful places, and better things to do.

We met numerous solo travelers in Antigua that reaffirmed our speculation. In the daytime, the charming cobblestone streets of Antigua are safe for tourists, even if you are traveling alone. At night, the streets are equally safe, just don’t make yourself an easy target by being under the influence.

Antigua, the ex-capital of Guatemala, is much safer than Guatemala City

Safety Tips When Visiting Antigua Guatemala

Some of these tips might sound like common sense but you will not believe the number of visitors that have gotten in trouble by not listening to them. These aren’t just tips on staying safe in Antigua, but they are also tips in general for your Guatemala trip.

  1. If you are under the influence (intoxicated, drugged, and maybe more), naturally you increase your chance of being the victim.
  2. Many thieves are out at night looking to prey on unsuspecting foreigners. Bring only what you need when you go out to the bars or clubs and be aware of who’s standing next to you.
  3. Don’t walk around alone at night with your valuables. A camera that they take from you is more than a month of their salary. We have not heard of anyone getting robbed at night. 
  4. Avoid traveling on the chicken bus (Guatemala’s infamous public transportation), thieves are pretty common onboard. If you do, make sure to keep your belongings secure!
  5. Don’t let the fear of safety limit your trip to Antigua, Guatemala. If you are really concerned, consider purchasing travel insurance!

Antigua Guatemala Safety FAQs

Is It Safe To Walk Around Antigua Guatemala?

At all times of the day, it is safe to walk around the streets in Antigua Guatemala. Most crime that happens in Guatemala are petty crimes such as pickpockets and thefts, which typically don’t offer in the streets.

Is The Tap Water Safe To Drink In Antigua Guatemala?

Under no circumstances should you drink the tap water in Antigua, Guatemala, or in Guatemala in general. The tap water can only be drunk if the water has been pre-boiled, otherwise, you’ll put yourself at risk for many illnesses.

Is It Safe To Go Out At Night In Antigua?

Antigua is one of the most popular nightlife destinations in Guatemala, and one of the reasons is that it is very safe. With the streets of Antigua safe at night, travelers only need to worry about pickpockets that occasionally occur in nightclubs and bars.

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I hope that answers your question “Is Antigua Guatemala dangerous or safe?” We hope our Antigua Guatemala safety tips have reassured your travel plans to Guatemala!

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