8 BEST Things to Do In Flores Guatemala TODAY! (2021 UPDATE)

Did you just arrive in Flores? Not sure what to do in Flores, Guatemala? We are here to help. Personally been there ourselves, we thought this island offered nothing except tours to Tikal ruins, colorful historical buildings, and delicious restaurants. But boy were we wrong.

As the capital of the Peten Department in Guatemala, Flores had much more to offer than we expected. Every day we were discovering new activities and attractions around the island.

That is why we have written this guide on the 8 top things to do in Flores Guatemala so you can have the perfect trip to Flores!

What To Do In Flores: 8 Best Things To Do In Flores Guatemala

1. Visit The Hidden Gem Yaxha Ruins

One of our favorite hidden gems in Flores is Yaxha ruins. You might not have heard of Yaxha ruins but don’t scratch this off your list. Similar to the  Yaxha is an ancient Mayan ruin that has not garnered the attention it deserves.

A lot less touristy than the neighboring UNESCO Heritage Site Tikal Ruins, this is the place to go to if you want to see the wildlife and flora of the lush Peten Department. Because Yaxha Ruins receive less foot traffic than Tikal Ruins, the condition of the archaeological site is much better and wildlife is abundant there.

Some wildlife species you might encounter include spider monkeys, howler monkeys, tarantulas, different types of birds. If you are lucky, you might even have the whole ruins to yourself!

How To Get To Yaxha Ruins & How Much Does It Cost?

Yaxha is located about a 1.5-hour drive away from Flores. Though it is probably possible to get to Yaxha via a taxi, it is not very popular.

The most common and popular way to get to Yaxha ruins is to get a tour from Flores. Travelers can decide between a sunset tour or a regular day tour. They do not offer a sunrise tour as far as we know.

There are numerous tour agencies nestled in the tiny island of Flores. However, after going from agency to agency, we found that the tour agency inside Los Amigos Hostel offered the best price.

From the tour agency at Los Amigos, it costs 200Q for a sunset tour (including a tour guide). If you want just the transportation, it costs 170Q (at the time of writing). Note that there is an additional 80Q entrance fee to the Yaxha ruins.

Want to secure your Yaxha tour? Check out this online offer!

2. Enjoy A Nice Relaxing Day At Jorge’s Rope Swing

If you were to ask us what our favorite thing to do in Flores Guatemala was, it would be visiting Jorge’s, Rope Swing. Located a short 15-minute boat ride (via a small boat owned by the owners of Jorge’s Rope Swing) from Flores island, Jorge’s Rope Swing is a must-see on any Flores trip.

Don’t let the name intimidate you, Jorge’s Rope Swing is a place that has an activity for everyone.

Located on the edge of the Peten Itza Lake, Jorge’s Rope Swing is home to Jorge’s family. Here visitors will find a rope swing and a 6-meter tall wooden diving board.

Under the cozy thatched huts are locally-made benches, chairs, hammocks, perfect for anyone that just want to relax. Rent one of the boardgames and challenge your friends, or get a nice tan at their sun lounging area next to the water.

If you are hungry, you can also purchase some delicious nachos and drinks. However, if you want meat, you must inform the owners ahead of time because they will need to go inland and bring some meat back!

How To Get To Jorge’s Rope Swing & How Much Does It Cost?

Getting to Jorge’s Rope Swing was a lot simpler than we thought. You can either inform your accommodation that you want to visit Jorge’s Rope Swing and they will arrange transport for you or walk around the perimeter of Flores Island and speak with one of the boatmen. 

It cost us 25Q for a round-trip transport plus a 10Q entrance fee at Jorge’s Rope Swing.

3. Schedule A Tour To Tikal Ruins

Tikal Ruins is not just the biggest attraction in Flores, but one of the best things to do in Guatemala. Historians believe that there are over 3,000 historical buildings inside Tikal National Park. That isn’t surprising, considering the fact that Tikal was a Maya superpower. Its wealth made Tikal the beating heart of the Maya civilization.

This UNESCO Heritage Site of Tikal was one of the biggest archaeological sites in all of Mesoamerica and a must on any Guatemala itinerary.

Surely you will be impressed by the historical significance of Tikal Ruins, but there s more than history here. Tikal Ruins is located deep inside the rainforest region of the Peten Department. As a result, you might encounter a wide variety of wildlife here on your visit.

Though definitely not as much wildlife as Yaxha Ruins, you will encounter your fair share of monkeys, birds, and maybe even spiders! The tour guys said they have encountered several jaguars inside the park as well!

Did I mention you can camp inside the Tikal National Park too?

How To Get To Tikal Ruins & How Much Does It Cost?

Though it is impossible to get your own transportation to Tikal National Park, it is fairly complicated especially if you don’t speak any Spanish. That is why we recommend taking a guided tour to Tikal Mayan Ruins.

Where to get tours to Tikal? Because it is the most popular sightseeing spot in Flores, it is almost impossible to not find tours to Tikal Ruins. After scouting around, we found the best deal at the tour agency of Los Amigos Hostel.

How much does it cost to go to Tikal ruins? The ticket to Tikal Mayan National Park costs 150Q for a regular ticket and 250Q for a sunrise/sunset ticket (must be purchased at a Banrural bank). If you do decide to visit for sunrise/sunset, a mandatory tour guide is required.

Tours for Tikal day visits are priced at around 170Q, which only includes transport and guide. Because visiting Tikal Ruins is so complicated, we recommend you to book a Tikal tour online instead of in person.

4. Admire The Beauty Of Flores At Mirador Del Rey Canek

The beauty of Flores Island is best seen from up high. If you are traveling with a drone, that’s fantastic. But if you are not, you will want to check out the vantage point at Mirador Del Rey Canek. Located on a separate island from Flores called San Miguel, Mirador Del Rey Canek is easily accessible via a short boat ride.

Once you have hired a boatman and asked him to take you to Mirador Del Rey Canek, there is a short 10-minute hike to reach the viewpoint itself. It is a small treehouse that’s built on top of a hill. Don’t be afraid of its structural stability, the wooden watchtower is quite sturdy.

Mirador Del Rey Canek is definitely the best place to soak in all of Flores’ beauty!

How To Get To El Mirador Del Canek & How Much Does It Cost?

You can easily find a local boat on the perimeter of Flores that will be willing to take you to the mirador (viewpoint). Once you arrive at San Miguel Island, it is a short but strenuous 10-minute hike to the viewpoint. The boat ride takes about 10 minutes.

How much does it cost? We paid 30Q per person (3 people in total) for a round trip, the amount can change based on your bargaining skills!

5. Take A Dip At Playa Chechenal Peten

Did you know that there is a beach in Flores? Neither did we.

Located on the opposite side of Mirador Del Rey Canek on San Miguel is Playa Chechenal Peten, or Checehnal Peten beach in English. Had it not been for someone we met at the Los Amigos Hostel, we would have never found out about this hidden gem.

Mainly a spot for locals to hang out, this calm beach features turquoise water and expansive views. Its water color definitely reminded us of some of the beaches we have seen in places in Mexico such as Tulum or Cancun.

If you want a peaceful swim in Flores, then make sure you visit Playa Chechenal Peten.

How To Get To Playa Chechenal Peten & How Much Does It Cost?

Because the beach is located in San Miguel island like El Mirador Del Rey Canek, I would advise you to visit both on the same day.

Take a boat from Flores like you would if you were to visit El Mirador Del Rey Canek. Instead of going towards the viewpoint, take the path that’s headed for the beach. From the drop-off point at San Miguel to the beach is about a 15-minute walk.

How much does it cost? We paid around 30Q (3 people) for a round trip. Chances are you can negotiate down depending on how many people you have.

6. Take The 5-Day Trek To El Mirador

El Mirador Flores Guatemala Things To Do

Credit: Dennis Jarvis via C.C 2.0

Don’t confuse El Mirador with El Mirador Del Rey Canek. El Mirador is a large pre-Columbian Maya settlement deep inside the rainforest of the Peten Department. The only way to reach it is via a 5-day jungle trek. (Or a helicopter ride but we won’t count that!)

As one of the oldest Maya cities, El Mirador is still in the beginning stages of excavation. Most of the historical structures are still hidden in the jungle, waiting for archaeologists to uncover them.

When hikers finally arrive though, they will have the opportunity to stand on top of La Danta, one of the pyramids in El Mirador and the tallest pyramid built without metal in the western hemisphere!

A guided tour will explain to you the fauna and flora of the region, as well as providing you with three meals a day and a tent to sleep in every night. However, the trek to El Mirador is no walk in the park. Some days you might have to walk up to 8 hours a day!

Tours are readily available through the many agencies on Flores Island.

If you plan on visit El Mirador, make sure you include some nice hiking boots in your Guatemala packing list!

7. Have An Adventure At Ixpanpajul Natural Park

If you are traveling to Guatemala with kids (or kids at heart), then make sure to visit Ixpanpajul Natural Park. Featuring family activities such as zip-lining and horse-riding, it is the perfect place to take your kids to experience some outdoor activities.

Besides its iconic canopy zip-lining, Ixpanpajul Natural Park features a lush hiking trail and six suspension bridges for visitors to explore. These trails explore some of the most incredible wildlife and flora in the region!

Ixpanpajul Natural Park is located 20 minutes away from Flores by car. Visitors can take a shuttle bus from Flores.

8. Check Out The Uaxactun Ruins

Uaxactun Ruins Flores Guatemala Places To Visit

Credit: Arian Zwegers via C.C 2.0

Uaxacatun Ruins is one of the newest attractions in Flores, Guatemala. If after exploring all the Mayan ruins only piqued your interest, then consider giving Uaxactun Ruins a visit.

Uaxactun Ruin’s most unique features are the astrological Mayan pyramids used to conduct the primitive form of astrology. Uaxactun Ruins are also located next to a small Guatemalan village in the jungle, and it is interesting to see people living around the ruins.

There is also a small landing strip at UAxactun Ruins. That is because Wrigley’s Chewing Gum used the trees in the area to make their gum.

The only con of visiting Uaxactun Ruins is how difficult it is to get there. It is located 23 kilometers further away from Tikal Ruins, which is already over an hour away.

Because of this reason, it is recommended to spend one day exploring Tikal, stay at one of the jungle lodges inside Tikal National Park, then heading to Uaxactun the next day. Your accommodation should be able to arrange a tour guide and transportation for Uaxactun for you.

How Long To Stay In Flores, Guatemala

With so many attractions in Flores and so many spots to relax, you can spend weeks in Flores. But what is the ideal time to stay in Flores if you just want to see the best of it?

The answer is… 2 to 3 days.

Depending on what time of the day you arrive in Flores, you should able to see most of the things in 2 to 3 days. Two full days is the perfect amount of time but if you are arriving in Flores late in the evening, you might want to stay a total of three days (or 2.5 days in that case).

Day one should be spent properly relaxing and exploring the Flores island. Visiting Jorge’s Rope Swing or Playa Chechenal Peten and then watching the sunset with a cold drink in your hand.

Day two should be spent exploring the Tikal Mayan Ruins. As I said, I highly recommend you to go for the sunrise tour and then spend a few hours exploring the massive archaeological site independently.

Safety In Flores Guatemala

Flores is often the first stop in Guatemala for backpackers and they have usually not accustomed to Guatemala’s safety yet. Luckily, Flores Island is a very safe location in Guatemala, both day and night. However, the same thing cannot be said about the inland area, Santa Elena and San Bendito.

Though both of these places offer a more authentic Guatemalan experience filled with noise, poverty and street food, you should exercise increased caution in these areas. Visit in the day time and be aware of your belongings. Watch out for pickpockets.

At night, don’t even consider stepping off of Flores Island and going inland, it is much more dangerous at night.

Where To Stay In Flores Guatemala

Best Hostel In Flores – Los Amigos Hostel

Los Amigos Hostel Flores
Los Amigos Hostel Flores Guatemala

Los Amigos Hostel is by far the best hostel in Flores, Guatemala. Featuring its own affordable tour agency and an amazing garden/lounge area for socializing, Los Amigos is more like a home than a hostel.

After a tiresome day exploring the best attractions in Flores, come back to Los Amigos and relax at their fabulous restaurant and bar! The multitude of pets such as rabbits, turtles, and others gives it a very cozy vibe.

Click here for more details!

Best Airbnb In Flores – Lake View Waterfront Apartment w/ Balcony

Where To Stay In Flores Guatemala
Flores Guatemala Points of Interest

(Images Courtesy of Airbnb)

Finding a nice peaceful place to stay on the tiny island of Flores is difficult, but this Airbnb can be your safe haven!

With amenities like air conditioning (rare for Flores), laundry machines, and a balcony with incredible sunset views, this Airbnb has everything it needs for a comfortable stay.

This 1-bedroom apartment can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests with its master bedroom, sofa bed, and single bed in the living room, making it an economical option for anyone traveling to Flores as a family.

Click here for more info!

Best Luxury Hotel In Flores – Hotel Isla de Flores

Where To Stay In Flores Guatemala 1
Flores Guatemala Points of Interest 1

Hotel Isla de Flores is probably the best hotel in Flores, Guatemala and it is easy to see why. From the moment you walk in, you are greeted by the friendliest staff and entertained by the creative interior decor. The rooms and beds are probably the biggest you will find in Flores.

However, my favorite part has to be the swimming pool and bar on the roof, the perfect place to watch the sunset and chill!

Click here for more details!

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This concludes our guide to the 8 TOP things to do in Flores Guatemala today. We hope our guide has helped you plan your visit to Flores, Guatemala!

Any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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