Guide to Pacaya Volcano Hike: Roast Marshmallows with Volcanic Lava!


Guatemala is a country surrounded by amazing Mayan Ruins, beautiful colonial towns, and spectacular volcanoes. Though some of them could be dangerous, such as Volcano Fuego and its deadly eruption in 2018, many of them are rewarding hikes.  Hiking Volcano Pacaya is a family-friendly activity that you can do in Antigua with your kids. It is …

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Guide to Salkantay Trek: An Alternative to the Inca Trail


Every year, millions of tourists come to Peru for one of the most spectacular Seven Wonders of the world, Machu Picchu.  Visiting Machu Picchu is a must on any Peru itinerary, but the difficult question is which trail to take? The original Inca Trail that takes you to the roads that connected the Incan empire …

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2 Day Colca Canyon Trek: Guide To Arequipa’s Best Hike


Colca Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the entire world, is one of the best places to visit in Peru. At a depth of 3270m deep, it is twice the depth of the Grand Canyon in the United States. However, most travelers come to Peru strictly for Machu Picchu, completely ignoring the fact …

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The Best Hike in Lake Atitlan: Indian Nose Hike At Sunrise


Guatemala, a land of tropical weather and home of frijoles and fried plantains, contains some of the most impressive and beautiful volcanoes for hiking in the world. In the colonial city of Antigua, you can hike up Volcano Pacaya and roast marshmallows with the lava. You can also hike Volcano Acantenago and watch Volcano Fuego …

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Guide To Stanley’s Rhino Rock Hike: Hong Kong’s Cool Geological Formation!

Rhino Rock Hike Hong Kong Featured

Planning to hike Rhino Rock in Hong Kong? We are here to help. Located on the southern tip of Stanley hides one of Hong Kong’s most “Instagram-famous” spots – the Rhino Rock. While Hong Kong is in no shortage of incredible geological formations (like the crazy Palm Cliff on Po Toi Island), the …

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Guide To Hong Kong’s Cape D’Aguilar: Hike & Things To Do

Guide To Cape D'Aguilar Hong Kong Featured

Planning a visit to Cape D’Aguilar? We are here to help. As one of the most trendy places to visit in Hong Kong, Cape D’Aguilar is becoming a must on any Hong Kong itinerary. Here in our guide, we will teach you how to get to Cape D’Aguilar, what to …

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Ap Lei Chau Hike To Ap Lei Pai: A Complete Hiking Guide!

Ap Lei Chau Hike Ap Lei Pai Mount Johnston Featured

Located in the Southern District of Hong Kong is Ap Lei Chau (also called Aberdeen Island), the most densely populated island in Hong Kong. Surrounded by pristine bodies of water, Ap Lei Chau has become a relaxing escape from the bustling city life of Hong Kong. While there are many things …

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Guide To Climbing Mount Kinabalu: Tips & Essential Info


If you’re hungry for adventure and LOVE a good hike, then you must make climbing Mount Kinabalu an essential part of your Malaysia trip. Located in Mount Kinabalu National Park (the first UNESCO Heritage Site of Malaysia), Mount Kinabalu stands as the highest mountain in Malaysia. At a whopping 4,095 …

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Hiking Piatra Secuiului In Rimetea, The Most Beautiful Village in Romania


Rimetea (also known as Torockó in Hungarian) is an idyllic village in the Alba County of Romania. It is a magical place where “the sun rises twice”, a strange phenomenon that happens because of the neighboring Piatra Secuiului Mountains (Székelykő in Hungarian). The Piatra Secuiului mountains soar 480 meters above the …

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19 BEST Peru Hikes and Treks That Will Leave You Breathless!


Home of the impressive Andes Mountain Range, mysterious Amazon Rainforest, and complex archeological sites, Peru’s geological diversity makes it one of the best places for hiking in the world. With so much to explore, it can be overwhelming for anyone planning any type of hiking or trekking in Peru. Rainbow …

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