18 FUN Things To Do In Tokyo At Night

Not sure what to do in Tokyo at night? As the capital of Japan, Tokyo is a thriving metropolitan city that never sleeps. With an incredible range of things to do, there is never a dull moment at night in Tokyo.  Here on our Tokyo blog post, we will talk …

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1 Day Kyoto Itinerary: The Best Attractions of Kyoto

Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Japan. As its cultural capital, it shouldn’t surprise you that there are many attractions in Kyoto, including 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Fushimi Inari Taisha, and many more. This 1 day Kyoto …

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14 FUN Things To Do In Kyoto At Night


Not sure what to do in Kyoto at night? Kyoto might not get the same recognition as Tokyo or Osaka when it comes to nightlife, but there are still plenty of amazing things to do in Kyoto at night. From exploring the popular Gion district to visiting some of the off-the-beaten-path places, our guide …

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One Day in Osaka Itinerary: The Best Of Osaka

Not sure what to do in Osaka in one day? Worry not! Osaka, a port city known for its crazy nightlife, amazing street food, and bright neon signs, is one of the top tourist destinations in Japan. Dotonburi, Osaka Castle, Shinsekai, there are just so many things to do in …

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13+ UNIQUE Things To Do In Osaka At Night


Not sure what to do in Osaka at night? Don’t worry. The fun does not stop when the sun sets in Osaka.  A popular tourist destination in the Kansai region, Osaka is known for its architecture, quality cuisines, and amazing nightlife.  When we visited Osaka on our Japan trip, we …

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Guide on Deciding How Many Days to Spend in Osaka, Japan


Traveling in Japan can be quite expensive. As a result, you will want a well-planned itinerary to make sure you don’t overstay in any city.  One of the most-asked questions is how many days in Osaka to stay.  Osaka is a bustling port city filled with amazing tourist attractions, but …

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6 BEST Ramen Restaurants in Kyoto

Ramen, one of the most iconic foods in Japan, is something you just try when visiting. A dish with a complicated history, ramen has evolved to be a stable and popular food in Japan. Rich and thick broth, tender yet “al dente” noodles, along with traditional Japanese seasoning, ramen is surely going to …

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Nara Day Trip Itinerary: The Ancient Capital of Japan

Nara is famously known as Japan’s magical city of deers, a place where deers freely roam the parks of Nara. But what many people don’t know is that Nara was Japan’s capital at one point in time. It was the most powerful city in Japan. Our Nara day trip itinerary will take …

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Guide On Deciding How Many Days To Spend In Kyoto

Yasaka Street Yasaka Pagoda

As we all know, traveling in Japan is expensive. A week trip can easily set you back a few thousand dollars. That is why it is so important to have a perfect Japan itinerary and not overstay in any cities. Two of the most frequently asked question I get about …

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Day Trip To Hiroshima From Osaka or Kyoto: A 1-Day Itinerary

Hiroshima-Peace-Memorial-Park Featured

Are you planning on doing a Hiroshima day trip from Osaka or Kyoto? Great, we are here to help. As the first victim of the catastrophe that happened here in World War II, Hiroshima is a city filled with memories of the terrible things humans can do. A visit to Hiroshima is humbling …

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