40+ Best Gifts For Beach Lovers You Mustn’t Miss

Looking for the best gifts for beach-lovers? Look no further than our list of top picks!

This list includes a wide variety of gifts, from the more practical ones such as a beach blanket to something more unique like a wine purse. We have also included a list of beach gifts for him and her, perfect for any occasion!

Gifts For Beach Lovers Featured

These beach-themed presents will have your loved ones spending time in the sand and waves all season long! Whether they are a beginner or an experienced beach-goer, we have got them covered.

Cool Beach-Lover Gifts

Let’s start with some cool gifts for beach-lovers! These will certainly add a lot more fun to the usual beach escapades!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Do you know what is better than listening to the sound of waves? Listening to the sound of waves along with some bumping tunes. The perfect song and music can just set the right mood for any sunny beach vacation.

There are plenty of waterproof Bluetooth speakers that can help set the mood right, but the JBL Clip 3 is one of the best with its ultra-portability, long battery life, and noise-canceling features. You can clip it onto anything and use it outside of the beach as well!

GoPro Waterproof Camera

The beach is one of the best places to make memories for beach lovers, and there is no better gift you can get them than something that can capture those moments, such as a GoPro.

Whether your beach lover friend likes just lounging on the sand or jumping into the water and explore what’s underneath, a GoPro is designed to capture all the action. This is one of the best gifts for beach lovers, especially if they are into traveling because a GoPro is so portable!

The latest GoPro even features built-in hyper-smooth stabilization so you don’t need to worry about camera shake when filming!

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

If you want to get a unique gift for your beach aficionado, then look no further than an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP).

This is the perfect gift for someone that has been to the beach so many times and wants to experience something different.

With a SUP, you can enjoy paddleboarding out in the sea, or just lie on it and relax. Yoga lovers can try throwing up a few yoga poses!

There is no better SUP than the DAMA inflatable one. Not only is it easy to carry, but it can support 330 pounds which means if your beach lover friend has small kids, they can even hop on.

This is one of our favorite beach-lover gifts!


Beaches are some of the most beautiful places in the world with their glistening turquoise waters, fine white sand, and swaying palm trees. But taking a photo to capture that beauty is sometimes difficult, that is unless you have a drone.

For beach lovers that are into photography or filmmaking, a drone is a perfect beach present.

There are many different drones to pick from, but the DJI Mini 2 is one of the best for the beach because it offers extreme portability at just 249 grams and excellent photo quality!

But you might want to save this for a special occasion such as Christmas because a drone is not cheap!

Snorkeling Set

A snorkeling set is an essential beach item. It offers a completely different perspective of the beach, allowing beach lovers to explore the underwater world. Depending on the beach they are in, they might be able to swim with fish, check out the coral reefs, or even see exotic marine life.

We recommend the ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set which includes a pair of snorkeling fins, a dry top snorkel, a dive mask, and a Mesh Bag to put any equipment. It is the full set for anyone ranging from a beginner to advanced snorkelers.

Unique Gifts For Beach Lovers

If you want to buy something that not every beach-goer has, make sure you check out our list of the most unique gifts for beach lovers!


Galeophobia, or the fear of sharks, is something that can affect everyone, even beach lovers. While sharks are most definitely dangerous, it is sometimes the fear of sharks that is more debilitating. It is an anxiety that many cannot overcome.

That is why one of our favorite gifts for beach lovers is SHARKBANZ’s shark deterrent bands. These bands work by overwhelming sharks’ electroreceptors, causing an unpleasant sensation that drives them away.

The best part is that they are easy to use as you can slip them right on your wrist. This is the perfect gift for family and friends that like to go swimming and surfing on the beach.

Storage Water Bottle

One of the biggest headaches when visiting a beach is where to store your things.

If you’ll be swimming in the sea, then your stuff can be easily stolen since you are so far from the beach. I had this problem when I was swimming on the beaches in Guatemala and Mexico – but not anymore.

Let me introduce you to the storage water bottle.

The top part of this water bottle is a regular vacuum bottle that keeps water hot and cold. The bottom part is a secret compartment that can be opened to store small items like a phone, credit card, and cash, etc. 

And the outer appearance is just a regular water bottle, so no one is going to steal that while you are away enjoying the refreshing waters of the sea.

This is one of the more useful gifts for beach lovers!

Beach Scented Candle

No matter how much you like the beach, you can’t stay there forever. Whether you are locked away for some time or you just want something to remind you of the latest beach vacation, a beach-scented candle is perfect for that.

There are plenty of beach-scented candles out there, but we really like the Beach Walk from Yankee Candle. The smell reminds me of sunset walks on the beach with its slight saltwater scent and tangy touch.

This is one of the best beach gifts for someone that constantly wants to be reminded of the beach!

Beach Fragrance Oils

A safer and more environmental-friendly alternative to candles is essential oils for diffusers. Not only are they small and easier to store, but you can have all different types of scents to choose from.

If your beach lover friends have an essential oil diffuser, then they can just put the oil in and fill their living space with the scent of the sea in minutes. Otherwise, the oil can be used to make candles, bath bombs, body scrubs, and more!

The box is also super pretty, making it a nice gift set for beach lovers who are into aesthetics.

PortoVino Wine Purse

If you know your friend is planning a romantic beach getaway with their partner, you should get them this wine purse by PortoVino.

Wine on the beach is an amazing beach date idea for every couple. However, if you want to pack light for the trip, bringing a whole bottle of wine might not be a smart choice.

This PortoVino Wine Purse allows the user to pour two bottles of wine into the insulated pouch for later use without carrying the heavy bottles all the time. What a cool and unique beach bag for wine!

Practical Beach Gifts

If you are having difficulty finding something nice while shopping, try one of these practical beach gifts instead. Everyone loves something useful for the beach!

Portable Beach Tent

There are no better beach gifts for families than a portable beach tent. A beach tent provides a shady escape for a family picnic on a beach day. 

But traditional tents are bulky and hard to assemble, which is why we need something like the UMARDOO Family Beach Tent. Its aluminum poles and pop-up sunshade can be assembled in just minutes.

Plus its elastic Lycra fabric offers UPF 50+ sun protection!

Reef-Friendly Moisturizing Sunscreen

When it comes to a beach getaway, there’s no doubt that sunscreen is one of the most essential items to pack. No one wants sun damage to the skin, and beach lovers are at serious risk with their prolonged stays.

With the reef-friendly Sun Bum Original SPF 50 sunscreen lotion, you can keep your skin protected and enrich your skin with Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and provides exact protection for your skin.

This sunblock lotion will not only protect you from harmful UVA/UVB rays but also moisturize your skin if you decide to idle by the beach all day.

Sand Resistant Beach Towel

If you cannot think of any unique beach gift for your beach-loving friends, perhaps, just think simple and get them an essential item such as a sand-resistant beach towel. Though it might seem like a mundane gift, a good sand-resistant beach tower is a necessity that many beach-goers will appreciate.

One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional towels is that sand stays on them for a long time, which causes the sand to go everywhere – in your car, house, etc.

When you take a sand-resistant towel to the beach, like this WETCAT Turkish towel, you avoid that massive headache. Plus, it is very thin, easy to pack, and quick-drying, making it the perfect beach towel!

Beach Chair

Sunbathing and relaxing in the ocean on a towel is nice. But after long hours, sand might get everywhere or you might find it uncomfortable for your back – not a good feeling.

Upgrade your comfort game on the beach with one of the simplest and greatest beach accessories ever – a beach chair.

This Sport Brella Beach Chair is foldable, but it’s very firm when assembled, so it can equip an umbrella, padded armrests, and a cup holder. It even has a UPF 50+ umbrella, which keeps you shady and protected from the sun rays.

Polarized Sunglasses with UV Blocking

When it comes to protecting yourselves, beach lovers can sometimes neglect their eyes. UV rays and strong powerful sunlight can cause damage to your eyes, which is why it is always important to wear some sunglasses.

But you don’t want just any sunglasses, you want polarized ones with UV blocking. Polarized sunglasses reduce glare reflected by mirrors or shiny objects so you don’t have to squint all the time.

Besides protecting your eyes, the proper sunglasses for the beach could be a fashion piece!

Sunscreen Face Lotion

The face is an area with delicate skin. Typical sunscreen body lotions might not work for your face, and that’s why a dedicated sunscreen face lotion is so important. Face sunscreen is a lot less oily than body sunscreen, which is going to help you from breaking out in acne.

Our favorite is the Sun Bum Original SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Lotion! It is even vegan and reef-friendly!

Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella is always an excellent gift for beach lovers. Refuge from the sun can be a rare commodity depending on where you are.

A beach umbrella is one of the easiest ways to provide some shade on the beach without haven’t to spend a lot of time setting it up.

Not only that, a beach umbrella definitely adds to the atmosphere. You can’t have beautiful blue waters and soft white without a beach umbrella or two!

Collapsible Cooler Bag

There is nothing that complements a beach getaway more than some iced cold drinks on the beach, whether that is a can of beer or wine. But keeping things cold on a sunny beach isn’t always the easiest task, especially if you don’t have a cooler bag.

With the Lifewit Collapsible Cooler Bag, not only can you carry up to 40 cans of beer, but it’s portable so you can take it with you even on remote beaches. Picnic on the beach? Check!

Water Shoes

Though mother nature can be beautiful, there are plenty of activities that can lead to injuries, especially ones related to your feet. Beaches aren’t always the cleanest, and if you step on any sharp objects like glass, shells, metals, and even just a jagged rock, you could hurt yourself.

But practical beach gifts like a pair of water shoes, you no longer have to worry about that!

Browning Lotion

If your beach-lover friends are struggling to achieve the ideal tan or a nice bronze look, then browning lotion is the perfect gift for them.

Browning lotion works by working together with the UV rays to activate your skin’s natural tanning process, which means you tan much quicker. This means you don’t have to sit in the sun all day absorbing the harmful UV rays.

It also helps moisturize the skin, which is part of the gorgeous tanned look you achieve in the end!

Beach Cup Holder

As much as we love the beach, we hate putting our stuff in the sand. It usually means that the things get quite sandy, and if it’s a drink, there’s a chance there will be sand in it. A beach cup holder is a perfect solution to that.

Not only does it create a way to organize your small essentials such as keys and phones into a small storage unit, but you can put a can or bottle of beverage and not worry about it spilling or having sand get in!

This is an overlooked item but a very practical gift for beach lovers!

Dry Bag

For the ultimate item to keep all your things dry while you are at the beach, look no further than a dry bag. A dry bag is pretty much just a waterproof backpack that you can take everywhere with you.

So if your beach-lover also enjoys lakes, pools, rivers, kayaking, or any other watersports, they will surely love a dry bag (if they don’t already have one)!

Towel Clips

Towel Clips are simple to use gifts for beach lovers. Their main purpose is to keep your towel from flying away when you are on a windy beach. The flip can be used on your beach chair, sun lounger, tables etc.

You can even clip your wet clothes up when you are taking a shower after the beach- simply and practical.

Aloe Vera Gel

We’ve all been there, beach-lovers or not, with our skin pink and tender from sunburn. If you are looking for practical gift ideas for regular beach-goers, then perhaps aloe vera gel is perfect. Aloe vera gel is the perfect treatment after a sunburn as it helps soothe your irritated skin and keep it from peeling immediately.

It also helps lock in and maintain the new tan you just achieved!

Outdoor Vault

An outdoor vault is one of the best gifts for beach lovers that want to keep their stuff safe while they enjoy the beach. As the name suggests, this is a miniature “locker” that you can take anywhere with you.

Put your valuables inside, lock them up, and wrap the vault around something that wouldn’t move (like a beach umbrella or sun lounger). Now you don’t have to worry about getting your stuff stolen!

Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm

Your lips can burn like the rest of your skin. But since it is a more sensitive area, when lips get sunburned, it is very painful. An SPF lip balm is exactly what you need to avoid that. Our favorite one from Sun Bum even has aloe vera and vitamin E, which help keep your lips moisturize and looking lovely!

Sandscreen Sand Removal Bag

Beach-lovers adore sand, that is until they try to remove it and it is stuck on your hands, feet, body, and other places. With a little bit of humidity or moisture, sand becomes nearly impossible to remove.

Not unless you have the SHAKALO SANDSCREEN Sand Removal Bag. When you apply the sand removal bag to any part of your body, it easily removes the sand thanks to its talc-free powder. The bag is also reef-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free!

So if you are looking for some beach gift ideas, consider the SHAKALO SANDSCREEN Sand Removal Bag!

Changing Poncho

The changing poncho is the perfect gift for beach lovers with kids. Heck, you might even appreciate it if you are an adult! Changing on the beach is one of the most cumbersome tasks.

With the changing poncho, you don’t need to worry about finding the nearest bush or hiding behind a tree when you want to change. Just put it on and you have your own personal portable changing room!

This is a must-have for surfers and swimmers, or really anyone that’ll need to change outdoors!

Tanning Oil

If your friend who loves the beach is having trouble getting the perfect tan, why not get him or her some tanning oil? Tanning oil work alongside natural sunlight to make the skin tan faster by focusing the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Our favorite tanning oil from Beach Bum even has aloe vera and coconut added in, making sure your skin stays moisturized and healthy!

Fun Beach-Themed Gifts

Looking to add some fun to your beach getaway? Check out some of these fun beach-themed gifts!


What is better than relaxing on the beach listening to the sounds of crashing waves and feeling the sea breeze on your face, doing that exact same thing but in a hammock on a beach instead! This beach-themed gift takes comfort to the next level.

Tie it onto two adjacent palm trees, lay in the hammock under the canopy, and enjoy the tropical vibes!

Our favorite beach hammock is the Castaway Camping Hammock, which is made with handwoven cotton so you know you are lounging in comfort and style!

Canopy Island Pool Float

Beach-goers don’t always have to go to the beach to escape the heat and seek out the sun, they can also lounge by the lake, river or pool.

And there is no better beach-related gift for some freshwater swimming than this Canopy Island Pool Float. Once fully inflated, it has plenty of room to offer 2 people the perfect shaded relaxation.

If your beach-loving friends have children, this can add some good fun to their adventure!


If you are looking for unusual gifts for beach lovers, consider spikeball. Though a very uncommon sport, it is a lot of fun when everyone gets the hang of it. The rules are simple and all you need is a minimum of two people for it to be fun.

The game’s recommended number of players is 4 so you can make 2 teams of 2, but you can still have a good time if you have more or fewer players.

If you are tired of lounging in the sun all day, this game will surely get you moving and make you break a sweat!

Plus, the set is small but durable, and easy to pack so your group can bring it to every vacation.


If a spikeball is a little too intense and competitive and you just want something nice and relaxing to keep you active on the beach, then a frisbee is perfect for that.

You can just toss the frisbee around for fun. But if you want to get more competitive, you can have a game of Ultimate Frisbee with you and your friends!

Beach Sign Wall Decor

You can’t take the beach to your home, but you can at least take a beach sign wall decor! For beach-lovers, the beach is more than just a place. It is a place where they are happy, free, and wild.

And there are no better beach-themed gifts to transfer that energy than decorations for their home. This hanging ornament is the perfect reminder of the beach vacations and adventurers they’ve had.

Beach Gifts For Him

Looking for the best beach gifts for your dad, husband, or boyfriend? We’ve got you covered!

Board Shorts

There are no beach-lover gifts for him more practical than board shorts, and for men, practical gifts are the way to go.

The problem with board shorts is that there is so much variety when it comes to the pattern. Luckily, Nonwe Men’s Board Shorts has plenty of styles for you to choose from. It is also made with quick-dry fabric and has a lining inside for maximum comfort.

Yeti Rambler

There is nothing more difficult than keeping a can of beer cold when you are out on the beach. Yes, you can bring an insulated bag that keeps it cold until you take the cans out, but what happens after you have taken them out of the bag? They get warm within minutes.

Here comes the Yeti Rambler, a stainless steel can insulator specifically designed to keep your cans at the temperature you want. Each insulator fits snuggly to ensure that the temperature of the drink stays where it needs to be.

The Yeti rambler comes in many different sizes to accommodate different types of containers. It is one of the best gift ideas for beach lovers, especially the ones that love to drink beer!

Treasure Hunting Metal Detector

If your beach-loving friends are looking for something new to do on the beach, get them a metal detector for treasure hunting. It is so much fun running up and down the beach looking for hidden treasure!

The SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer is fully waterproof so that you can use it in the rain or submerge it in the sea to detect metals like aluminum, gold, bronze, or silver. 

Though slightly bulky than the average beach gift, it makes up for it for its ease of use!

Beach Gifts For Her

This section is dedicated to the perfect beach gifts for that lady, mom, wife, or even just a female friend!

Hair Oil

If there is one thing that girls love about the beach, it is the beautiful wavy hair that they get after a long beach day. However, getting that look isn’t always the easiest because it is the perfect combination of oily and salt water.

But with this OGX Hair-Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, your lady can achieve that beautiful look in a few minutes. One of the ingredients is argan oil, which naturally nourishes that hair and gives it a more defining look!


Sandals or flip-flops are the perfect footwear for a day at the beach, but finding the perfect one that combines comfort, style, and durability can be difficult.

We came across the Reef Women’s Cushion Breeze Flip-Flop while looking for the best sandals, and just could not resist what they have to offer.

They feature a super soft sole with its cushioned EVA footbed while the rubber sponge outsole provides flexibility. They come in multiple styles which means there has to be one that matches your outfit.

These sandals are a great gift for beach lovers and their highly rated reviews definitely prove that!


If you want something that is both a practical beach gift and a fashion piece, then the sunhat is what you need. This chic beach accessory has UPF 50+, which protects you from the strong sunrays, especially your scalp which is often neglected.

And there is nothing more iconic for a beach vacation than strolling down the beach with your sunhat on. It can also make your photos at the beach much more beautiful! It is a much better alternative than just a regular hat for the beach!


Can you ever have enough swimsuits? The answer is probably a no.

Though a swimsuit is a very practical beach gift, you shouldn’t be thinking of practicality when gifting it. You want to pick something that is going to look cute on the person. You want them to feel beautiful and sexy when wearing it.

A swimsuit is a tricky gift to get, but it can be very well-received if you pick the right one.

Luckily, this CUPSHE bikini comes in many different sizes and styles so you can have an easier time finding the perfect one for your beach-lover!

Before You Go

We hope you were able to find the perfect gift for your beach-loving friend, partner, and more! If you didn’t, try one of the unique gifts that they’ve never thought about before. Those will definitely give them a good surprise!

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